Digital Transformation Facilitator Certificate

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Online Training - Certificate
Digital Transformation Facilitator

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The ESCP Executive Education training in Digital Transformation Facilitator is a 100% online certificate that provides you the skills to become a digital enabler in your company.

This distance learning programme, offered in French or/and in English, allows you to be at the forefront of tremendous opportunities of digital transformation. You will understand key technology areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Biotech, IoT, Gaming, Cyber Security , Robotics, Blockchain, Social Media, 3D Printing.



Accelerate your role as a digital facilitator of digital transformation


Identify talents and support development of digital skills


Be at the forefront of new models of working and collaboration


  • Transformation Management
  • Industrial and technological systems
  • Tertiary and technological systems
  • Customer Experience and Big Data
  • Collaborative experience
  • Talent Management
  • Expert testimonials
  • Career paths
  • Technological opportunities
  • Presentation of the study 
  • CEO Conferences



Ambassadors and high potentials within a company, IT and digital experts working alongside managers
HR experts who will need to transform managerial culture and practices
Talents identified as tomorrow's leaders whose awareness of these issues is essential

Fees -  €1,495

General conditions of services

This programme is accessible to people with a disability

Page Last Modified : 19/09/2022