Strategy and Decision-Making in Business, Politics and Society

ESCP/Hertie School Certificate Series

The ESCP/Hertie School Certificate Series is a set of unique short-term executive programmes for managers working at the intersection of business, politics and civil society. Certificates consist of three to four seminars each, and they address topics and skills related to general management such as leadership, strategy and decision making.

All seminars take place at either ESCP's Berlin campus or at the Hertie School. They will cover the main concepts, principles and instruments as well as their application in different organisational contexts. Each certificate requires participants to successfully complete all seminars within two years.

Credits can be transferred to ESCP’s Executive MBA programme and Hertie School’s Executive Master of Public Administration programme.

Leadership in Business, Politics and Society

  • This certificate includes three seminars, which need to be completed within two years. Most seminars take place on an annual basis.
  • Participants choose two out of the five courses offered by the Hertie School and participate in in the Corporate strategy seminar at ESCP Business School in Berlin and London..

ESCP Business School
Curriculum & Calendar
(One Course at ESCP Business School)

Corporate Strategy • This course provides you with key frameworks and concepts in strategic management. It demonstrates how a firm must have a clear vision and clear objectives before formulating its strategy, taking into account its corporate culture. The course illuminates the need for strategic analysis and teaches you how to apply the appropriate tools. While strategic decisions at the corporate level, the business unit level and the functional level are important, the course also links strategy formulation to strategy implementation.
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Learning Outcomes

At the end of the course participants will

  • Understand key frameworks and concepts in strategic management
  • Link vision, mission, and objectives to strategy
  • Master tools for strategic analysis (such as the value chain, the Five Forces, benchmarking, or SWOT)
  • Formulate corporate-level strategies as well as business-level and selected functional strategies
  • Anticipate the consequences of strategy formulation for strategy implementation

Next dates

  • 14-16 Mar 2024 in Berlin (24 hours)

Hertie School
Curriculum & Calendar
(Participants choose two courses)

  • Bureaucracies and evidence-based policymaking (06-08 Oct 2022)
  • Strategic and performance management (10-12 Oct 2022)
  • Smart decisions in government and business (30 Jan - 01 Feb 2023)
  • Scenario-building and foresight (2-3 Feb 2023)
  • Budgeting and priority-setting in government (16-18 Feb 2023)

For registration and further information on the Hertie seminars, visit the Hertie School website.

Admission criteria

  • A previous university degree: Bachelor, Master’s degree or equivalent in any discipline
  • A minimum of five years’ managerial-level experience, based on the demonstration of managerial skills and potential for success within your company 
  • Fluency in English: courses are taught in English and all coursework must be submitted in English

€7,900 for 3 modules

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