Advanced Certificate
Agile Project Management for Business

ESCP is a Premier Authorized Training Partner by Project Management Institute (PMI®)
ESCP is an Authorized Training Partner by Project Management Institute (PMI)

A New Way of Learning & Developing Through Gamification

The best practical training programme that will equip you with essential skills to gain deep insight into stakeholder needs, plan and execute complex projects, apply strategic management tools and master Agile techniques to transform ideas into tangible realities.

Participants will become leaders in innovation and strategic management, transforming visions into extraordinary results.

What Makes This Certificate Outstanding?

1 Reach Real Solutions

Master Project Management and Agile Management Methodologies.
2 Customer and User Focused

Increases efficiency and effectiveness by working on customer or user-oriented solutions.
3 Lead High-Performance Teams

Empowers talents from different departments towards shared solutions and cross-functional projects.
4 Improve Adaptability to Changes

Improves agility and flexibility to easly adapt to market or organizational changes.
5 Real Job Utility

Apply directly to the job effectively, whatever business or sector.
6 ESCP is a PMI training Partner

You will earn 40 Professional Development Units (PDUs) and the Certifications issued by ESCP Business School.

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