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Mission & Values

It all starts here

Rooted in its European values and identity, ESCP inspires and educates purpose-driven leaders who will have a strong impact on planetary, social and organisational progress.

By producing research-based knowledge disseminated through a unique pedagogical model based on systematic mobility across 6 urban and phygital campuses across Europe, ESCP delivers the best degree and non-degree business education programmes based on multiculturalism and interdisciplinarity to international high-potential students and executives.

Following this conviction in a world defined by the economy, the sphere of business can play a central role in reorienting how this world evolves. It’s by giving meaning to business that we will be able to nurture society in a positive manner.

One thing is certain, the era of responsible and collaborative leadership has arrived.

Becoming part of ESCP is to adopt this vision and to learn how to make enlightened choices, guided by the universal values of diversity, multiculturalism and interdisciplinarity. Becoming part of at ESCP is to be ready to meet the great challenges of our times with optimism. Let’s take to the high ground in these frenzied times, to always engage with intelligence and above all, give the world an impetus that will take it in the right direction.

In life as in business, everything starts with choices.

And it is by making such choices that we give meaning to business by defending our point of view on the future and our management style.

Our Four Values Are the Dna Nucleus of the School



in what we do



in who we are and that others cannot imitate



in how we think and design



in how we believe and behave


Leading tomorrow's world starts
by choosing an open world today

For 200 years, we have trained and educated high-potential leaders and entrepreneurs through teaching and research on the one hand, and support to companies on the other.

From this long-term experience, the world’s first Business School which celebrated its Bicentenary in 2019, has drawn three challenges that have to be considered as priorities for business schools.

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Leading beyond boundaries starts
by choosing European diversity

Created in 1819 by entrepreneurs, ESCP Business School has embraced the values of multiculturalism and diversity rooted in European university culture for the last 200 years.

Throughout 6 integrated campuses in Europe, we promote our European cross-cultural approach to management based on interdisciplinary principles and train the high-potential leaders of tomorrow.

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Leading a sustainable future starts
by choosing responsible paths

With our contemporary world going through major changes, the era of responsible and collaborative leadership has arrived.

By educating responsible leaders for tomorrow, ESCP Business School prides itself in being a platform for innovation on ethics, responsibility and sustainability issues, as well as a catalyst for debate on these crucial topics.

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Leading a new era of business starts
by choosing to transcend disciplines

To thrive in today’s fast-changing world, business leaders must be equipped with a wide range of skills.

That’s why ESCP Business School offers interdisciplinary study opportunities which go beyond pure business education, encouraging students to take advanced courses in other disciplines such as law, design, or mathematics.

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European at heart

As European humanists we believe that business nurtures society and therefore it can help lead the world in the right direction.

Created 200 years ago by entrepreneurs, we continue to develop creativity by encouraging curiosity, boldness and ambition throughout our 6 integrated campuses in Europe, all of which are led by principles that inspire collaborative leadership and progress for a stronger world.

By encompassing pluralism through respect for cultures and all forms of diversity, we develop a singular concept to management disciplines based on a multicultural, interdisciplinary and an open approach.

We cultivate academic excellence in order to shape leaders who are capable of doing business in an openly responsible manner and with an equally open approach that seeks to move beyond boundaries.

Driving Responsibility

We integrate sustainability and ethics across our educational activities, research and internal processes, with the ambition to educate responsible managers and train better leaders able to tackle the unprecedented environmental and social challenges that our societies and economies are facing.

Building on our European roots, we deeply believe a new type of responsible leadership is required to face contemporary challenges, combining reflexivity, ability to tackle the complexities of the world, and willingness to act for positive impact.