Women in Leadership
Professional development for female leaders

Why a leadership programme exclusively for women?

The programme focuses on building leadership presence and impact and on enhancing networking, communication and negotiation skills. Although these competences are independent of gender and other ascriptive characteristics, this seminar is exclusively for women, as it allows the participants to reflect on unique challenges women encounter in a work environment with mainly male counterparts.

Thank you for the training, it was a lot of fun and I was very pleased that so much “bonding” and “team spirit" was also possible in a virtual setting. I felt very comfortable in this group of female leaders and I think we will stay in touch.

Katharina Latif, Head of Reputation Strategy at Allianz, LinkedIn

The programme gave me a lot of insights, in particular how to develop a more powerful leadership style and improve my executive presence. There is also one learning I would share about negotiation effectiveness: “Ask what you want!” That makes clear where you want to go and what you want to achieve.

Elena Franzosi, HR Director at Smurfit Kappa Italia, LinkedIn

This experience was both fascinating and enriching, broadening my perspective and understanding. The Professors and workshop leaders designed engaging courses that were thought-provoking and rich in content. I found the whole experience extremely valuable for my own personal professional growth.

Jenny O‘Fee, Primary School Principal  at Berlin Metropolitan School gGmbH, LinkedIn

The leadership seminar has been enriching on both a professional and personal level. Thank you so much for the experience!"

Veronika-Adriane Posch, Lead Marketing at MILES Mobility GmbH, LinkedIn

At Mazars, we are working together with ESCP to empower, inform, develop and support women in leadership positions. We strongly believe in diversity.

Dr. Friederike Hohenstein, Head of People Development, Mazars Germany, LinkedIn

Inspiring. Empowering. Fun. Group coaching was an especially unique opportunity to receive detailed feedback, advice and insights for my specific question from a very experienced, strong and inspiring personality.

Elena Borgardt, Director, Deloitte Germany, LinkedIn

This programme was a life changer, especially when it comes to the executive presence and negotiation modules. Brainstorming, exchanging ideas, and discussing with experts in a spirit of kindness and empathy, helped me understand and overcome challenges that I had been struggling with for months.

Justine Tabarin, Sustainability Lead at Criteo, LinkedIn

Benefits for participants


Unfold your personal, authentic leadership style


Understand how to leverage the dynamics of power and influence


Improve your communication and negotiation skills


Enhance your leadership presence and your impact as a leader


Create your personal action plan together with a top executive coach


Benefit from your peers’ advice and the relationships you build during and beyond the programme


Get an internationally recognised certificate


Become part of the exclusive ESCP Network, and connect with like-minded women in our Executive Women’s Network

Benefits for organisations

  • Participants acquire skills, tools and methods which will make them more effective
  • The combination of training and coaching, together with additional online sessions after the seminar, enable the participants to transfer their knowledge into practice and thus guarantee a high return on investment.
  • Leverage the power of diversity in your organisation: studies show that diverse leadership teams are more successful
  • Benefit from positive effects on diversity, talent development, and talent retention by including the seminar in your diversity and executive development programme
  • ESCP (Number 1 in the Financial Times Ranking for Customised Education in Germany) also offers the seminar as a customised programme, tailored to the specific context of your organisation

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Prof. Dr. Marion Festing - Academic Director of the Talent Management Institute - ESCP

Prof. Dr. Marion Festing

As Academic Director of the Talent Management Institute, Marion combines the latest insights from research with her own leadership experience gained as Dean of ESCP Berlin Campus.
Prof. Dr. Katharina Balazs - Executive coach and professor for leadership - ESCP

Prof. Dr. Katharina Balazs

Katharina, executive coach and professor for leadership, has worked with executives from global organisations and various countries.
Prof. Dr. Véronique Tran - Professor of Organizational Behavior - ESCP

Prof. Dr. Véronique Tran

As a psychologist, Veronique has conducted research and advised top executives based on the MBTI for more than 20 years.
Prof. Heidi Stopper - Board member at a MDAX company

Prof. Heidi Stopper

Heidi brings in her experience as a female leader and board member (among others at a MDAX company) and her expertise as a top executive coach and consultant.
Christin Mey - certified trainer, business coach, research associate and lecturer at ESCP

Christin Mey

Christin is a certified trainer & business coach as well as research associate & lecturer at ESCP with a background in communication strategy, neuromarketing and behavioural science.
Christin Mey - certified trainer, business coach, research associate and lecturer at ESCP

Susanne Kortendick

Susanne has more than 30 years of experience in top management positions in major international companies, and a doctorate in the field of behavioral sciences.

Programme Highlights

  • Leadership self-assessment combined with an interactive group session
  • Leadership presence exercises with peer and video feedback
  • Improvisation workshop
  • Interactive sessions on power, influence and negotiations
  • Session on networking combined with a community evening event
  • Peer coaching in small groups with a top executive coach
  • Online sessions a few weeks after the programme to enhance the learning transfer

Customised Programmes

We are experienced in adapting the Women in Leadership Programme exactly to the context and needs of a specific organisation. We can offer the seminar exclusively for the female leaders and high potentials of your company.

Are you interested in other programmes to push diversity in your organisation? We also offer an Unconscious Bias Workshop. This workshop emphasises the advantages of diversity and is right for everyone interested in uncovering their unconscious thinking patterns.

Do you have any questions? Please contact Denise Tarbuch.

Billie Burns, Global Head of Career & Leadership Development @ BearingPoint

We have been working with the ESCP Business School for many years. Because of the great success of the Female Leadership Programme, we have recently increased the number of training sessions. ESCP's experience and customer focus ensure that after the programme our employees are highly motivated to tackle the next challenges and feel empowered by what they have learned in terms of leadership presence, communication and networking.

Billie Burns, Global Head of Career & Leadership Development at BearingPoint, LinkedIn

Julien Vallette Viallard, HR VP at Air Liquide

We’ve worked with the ESCP Business School in the framework of our internal programme supporting women from the early stage of their career and reinforcing inclusion awareness among employees, both women and men. The feedback we gathered really shows the level of satisfaction and the quality of the content proposed by ESCP and Prof. Marion Festing. We look forward to continuing our collaboration to keep the momentum and do more on diversity and inclusion.

Julien Vallette Viallard, HR VP at Air Liquide, LinkedIn

Fundamentals of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership

Understanding and applying emotional intelligence, integrating it into leadership practice.

Véronique Tran

Prof. Dr. Véronique Tran
ESCP Business School

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Female leaders, project managers and entrepreneurs with a minimum of three years of working experience.



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