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Online Training - Certificate
Management in an International Environment

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This online programme aims to strengthen the skills of managers who work in an international and crosscultural environment, who understand it & anticipate its evolution and act with agility and efficiency in a complex environment.



Provide a deep understanding of the international business environment and  
to identify the main outlines of its configuration and transformation


Embed the company's international development in the digital transformation and the major political and societal trends


Build and implement strategic projects in an international perspective and master the key elements of the value chain


Develop the management skills on site and remotely, in a flexible and crosscultural organisation


  • Understand the multipolar world and identify its key challenges
  • Locate and assess positions and activities on the global/local scale
  • Manage the digital transformation with an international perspective
  • Grasp Organisational dynamics and intra-firm interactions in an international company
  • Manage and be managed from a distant location  
  • Build and monitor international and remote projects
  • Develop the art of management in intercultural organisations

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  • Director of Business Unit
  • Manager
  • Entrepreneur

Fees - €2 950

General conditions of services