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Interactive Leadership Online Programme
Leadership during the Coronavirus Crisis

4 Interactive Online Sessions

  • Working from Home – Navigating Insecurity and Anxiety
  • Resilience: The New Core Competence for Successful Leaders
  • Leading during the Crisis
  • Personal Coaching and Exit-Strategies

The coronavirus crisis has a huge impact on how we work, learn, and even live. Most of us are trying to adapt to this new challenge - moving all spheres of our lives very literally under one roof.

What does it take for us to

  • Lead our teams online?
  • Stay resilient and positive in times of dramatic social and economic change?
  • Motivate our people so that they stay stable and positive despite many personal

This interactive Online Sessions offer critical skills for leaders in times of crisis and beyond. In a safe space, we will reflect the daily challenges with peers and share best practice. You will get strong professional support to continue to run your business –while keeping a healthy and motivated team!

Each of our 90-minutes sessions is exclusively designed for leaders of small to medium-sized companies running their business in times of crisis and preparing thorough fully exit strategies for the time past corona.

Curriculum & Calendar

Session I Working from Home – Navigating Insecurity and Anxiety

Many of us were not prepared for the overnight switch of working from home. In-person meetings and events are now virtually. Disrupted business practices, homeschooling children and supporting elderly relatives from afar add challenges to our daily routines.

Leaders face more challenges than ever in this situation. The expectations of co-workers and direct reports are high, and it is our responsibility to respond to them. What kind of a leader am I, and what does this mean for my ability to lead during the crisis and beyond? How do I motivate my team in times of social distancing? How does virtual communication change my team’s communication? How can I create an atmosphere of trust and confidence from my computer screen?

Together we will explore these critical questions and create our personal action plan for the crisis and beyond.


  • 4 September - 1 p.m. - 90 minutes

Session II Resilience: The New Core Competence for Successful Leaders

Leadership in times of crisis follows different rules than usual. Courage and conviction become the most critical competencies for resilient leaders.

What are the characteristics of courageous and convicted leaders? How do I become a more resilient leader? How do I manage anxiety and panic? What are my personal stress factors? What do I have to take into account regarding my leadership role? How can I support colleagues and others who have the coronavirus? What happens if I myself get sick?

Together we will create our personal coping plan for this crisis, and share support tips.


  • 4 September - 6 p.m. - 90 minutes

Session III Leading during the Crisis

Each crisis has its leader - think of Churchill or Roosevelt! What could we learn from them to cope with today’s crisis? Strong leaders provide their teams with an inspiring vision, which carry on long after the crisis is over.

Do we have to change our behaviour as leaders in times of a crisis? How can we do so? What are the stories that unite my team under my leadership? How can I tell these stories in a convincing way? How do I maintain my own well-being as a leader?

Together we will build and practice communicating our personal leadership vision for the coronavirus crisis.


  • 11 September - 1 p.m. - 90 minutes

Session IV Personal Coaching and Exit-Strategies

The coronavirus crisis teaches us a lot about change management: Digitalisation and remote work were rising global trends before the crisis, and are now inevitable.

What other trends might have come from the crisis? What is their impact on our exit strategies for this crisis? How do factors, like working remotely and global health, impact our future plans? What do we have to consider for our exit strategies?

Together we will prepare our leadership agenda for the upcoming 6-8 weeks. This session focuses on sharing best practices.


  • 11 September - 6 p.m. - 90 minutes

Benefits for Participants

  • You will learn how to design a professional, fact-based and results-driven management strategy for times of crisis.
  • Your practical insights from this crisis are framed by scientific research, making them transferable to other situations and/or teams.
  • You receive tangible and practical guidance for planning during and beyond the crisis.
  • You do not have to pay for travel and accommodation and can complete these webinars from the comforts and safety of your home.
  • You will gain extensive and useful knowledge within a short 90-minute session.
  • You develop your own personal agenda for this crisis and beyond, contributing to your personal and your company’s growth.

Dr. Susanne Kortendick, Berlin Campus, ESCP Europe

Your Host
Dr. Susanne Kortendick

Experienced HR Leader for more than 30 years, navigated successfully businesses through more than one crisis during her long and rich career. Being Academic Advisor at ESCP and Ashridge Accredited Coach she not only has a strong business acumen but also creates the comfort and safety it takes to design your personal coping strategy. Susannes coaching clients are working in different industry sectors so that she has a broad overview about the challenges this crisis is causing.



Leaders of small to medium-sized companies running their business in times of crisis and preparing thorough fully exit strategies for the time past corona.

To enable a coaching and an exchange of participants the number of places is limited to 10 per webinar.

€199 each webinar
€600 Webinar-package
(all 4 webinars)

For ESCP Partner
and Alumni
€99 each webinar
€320 Webinar-package
(all 4 webinars)

All prices include German tax.

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