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Online Programme
Designing New Work – HR as driver of innovation and change
Become an expert on current trends towards new ways of organising work.

  • Experience live and first-hand how New Work methods have driven the digital transformation from a traditional hierarchical print company to a new online media giant., Johannes Burr, Head of Collaboration, Learning & Transformation at Axel Springer SE, will share this story with the participants Step-by-step. As Head of Change Management, he has been intensively involved in the transformation process. For the certified Scrum Master, the focus of his work is not only on employee empowerment and accompanying change processes, but also on the implementation of agile working methods.
  • Take the next step to New Work in your company. Learn how to benefit from current trends such as agility and new technologies including big data and process digitalisation in HR to enhance the competitiveness of your organisation.
  • Exchange about the experiences and lessons learned gained during the crisis and beyond.
  • Receive individualised feedback and coaching on your HR business case.

This specific HR-programme provides you with a safe and agile learning space. Together with the other participants you will form a club of New Work experts.

You enter into a community of peers who want to shape the working environment of their organization. You enhance your network and benefit from advice from your peers - during and beyond the programme. In constant exchange and reflection with the other participants you will benefit from the insights of your trainers:

  • Organising work in a digital way: The use of new technologie.
  • How well do you lead your virtual teams?
  • Becoming a more resilient leader: Managing anxiety and even panic and your personal stress factors.
  • What are best practices of New Ways of Working? Which practices can you adopt to increase the competitiveness of your organisation?
  • HR as supporter of the process toward digitalisation and New Ways of Working.

Benefits for


You will have a safe space with your colleagues with whom you will form a club of New Work experts.


You will have clarity what New Work means and how you use it to leverage the impact of HR.


You will reflect on your professional situation: Where is my company and work culture located?


You will learn how to organise work and building teams with Gen X, Y, Z.

Benefits for

  • You will return to your organisation with a concrete New Work toolbox.
  • Your company has to be increasingly agile in the face of rapid change. With this training, you will learn how to master this.
  • Corporate strategies are more and more created in an agile (i.e. incremental) way. You will learn how to handle them and how to communicate this to your organisation.
  • You will discover how an agile mindset in HR helps you to drive the success of your company.

Faculty & Partners

Prof. Dr. Marion Festing, Professor of Human Resource Management and Intercultural Leadership, Academic Director of the Talent Management Institute (TMI) and of the Excellence Centre of Intercultural Management (CIM), Chair in Intercultural Management, ESCP Europe

Marion Festing

Marion is professor of Human Resource Management and Intercultural Leadership. She  founded the ESCP Europe’s Talent Management Institute and the Excellence Centre for Intercultural Management, which both link academic and practitioner communities by creating new knowledge and building platforms for networking and exchange. She teaches courses on (international) human resource management, leadership and intercultural management, and has developed digital course elements such as a serious game for intercultural management.

Dr. Lynn Schäfer,Head of Talent Management Institute, Human Resource Management & Intercultural Leadership chair, Berlin Campus, ESCP Europe

Lynn Schäfer

Lynn holds a PhD and heads the Talent Management Institute at ESCP Europe, Berlin campus. Her research interests include human resource management and talent management; additionally she is working as consultant, trainer and coach at subject:RESOUL. Before her academic career, Lynn has worked as a Senior Recruiter for McKinsey & Company and in Management Development and Recruiting for Bertelsmann in Germany and China.

Markus Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Rethink and Co-Founder of Neuwork

Markus Albers

Markus is Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Rethink as well as Co-Founder of Neuwork. Markus was author at Brand Eins, Berlin-Correspondent for Monocle, Managing Editor at Vanity Fair, Editor at Welt am Sonntag and SZ-Magazin. His texts have also been published in Die Zeit, GQ, AD, Spiegel, and Stern. His books “Meconomy”, “Rethinking Luxury”, “Morgen komm ich später rein”, and “Digitale Erschöpfung” have been well-reviewed and translated into five languages.

Johannes Burr Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Rethink and Co-Founder of Neuwork

Johannes Burr

The fully qualified lawyer with an EMBA in Media Management is Head of Collaboration, Learning & Transformation at Axel Springer SE. As Head of Change Management, he has been intensively involved in the transformation process from a former traditional media company to a leading digital publishing house. For the certified Scrum Master, the focus of his work is not only on employee empowerment and accompanying change processes, but also on the implementation of agile working methods. The change management initiative “move”, which was initiated by his department, received the European Change Communications Award and the HR Excellence Award.


Agenda programme

27 October 2021

09:00 - 09:05

Welcome by ESCP

09:05 - 12:00

Business Trends and their implication for HR

Marion Festing
Lynn Schäfer

Participants will acquire skills and familiarise themselves with strategies to attract, develop and retain experts, digital talents and the generation Z in the war for talents.
  • Create awareness of challenges/topics, involve participants in discussions, let them reflect their own perspective and get an outside view on own problems. Share own experiences, get inspired by best practices and state-of-the-art insights
  • Major challenges in HR, megatrends (demography, digitalisation, globalisation) and their impact on HRM/New Work

13:00 - 16:00

Understanding and designing New Work

Marion Festing
Lynn Schäfer

Participants become part of the ESCP and TMI community (expertise, networking events, exchange of ideas and sharing of knowledge, recruiting opportunities etc.).
  • New Work concepts, principles, best practice examples, outcomes & effects and generational aspects (generations at work, different perspectives, expectations)

3 November 2021

09:00 - 11:00

Agile Organisations and New Work

Marion Festing
Lynn Schäfer

Leverage the positive effects of agility - an agile approach in HR can have a great impact on your whole organisation.
  • Agile organisations, VUCA, transformation of organisations, agile values and principles, workforce agility, ambidexterity – how participants can foster agility in their HR department/organisation
  • Line-ups on different topics (coaching method), group work challenges of agile organisations
Coffee Break

11:15 - 13:00

Speech and discussion:
Digital Transformation at Axel Springer SE and a first definition of New Work

Johannes Burr

Participants receive exclusive insights about the process of digital and agile transformation at Europe’s leading digital publisher.
Participants are offered a framework how to assist and consult different teams alongside their own transformation towards new ways of working.
  • How to initiate the transformation of an organization using the example of the Axel Springer SE change story
  • “It takes two to tango” – introduction to “the seven layers of the future organization” and why digital transformation has to be pushed aside an agile transformation
  • One additional view upon the topic of NEW WORK, introduction to a self-evaluation tool
  • How New Work acts as a driver for Digital Transformation
  • Best practice: Participants learn firsthand how to set up a successful process for introducing New Wok methods

14:00 - 16:00

Further insights and discussion: Transformation of HR and 10 learnings along the way

Johannes Burr

Participants are offered learnings and insights out of the transformation process of a corporate HR function.
Participants will learn methods and tools to cope with the high speed at which projects often have to be carried out these days.
  • “Be the change you want to see happening” – the transformation story of a corporate HR function
  • Golden Circle, start with why – purpose, values, methods and products
  • 10 learnings along the way
  • Preparation groupwork exercise: Culture Hacks

10 November 2021

09:00 - 11:00

New ways of attracting

Marion Festing
Lynn Schäfer

Participants work on company specific projects and can attend online sessions after the program to maximise the learning impact.
  • Trends and best practices in talent attraction, active sourcing, talent relationship management, global recruiting, future selection
  • Self-assessment employer branding & social media
Coffee Break

11:15 - 13:00

New ways of developing talents

Marion Festing
Lynn Schäfer

Participants have the chance to exchange about the experiences and lessons learned gained during the crisis and beyond and get individual feedback from New Work experts.
  • Trends in talent management (diversity & inclusion, agility and dynamic TM, self-nominations)
  • Learning & performance feedbacks

14:00 - 15:00

Deep Dive into HR work: Products, tools and workhacks

Johannes Burr

Participants gain insights to a cultural change story and get inspirations how to initiate a a grassroot transformation movement
  • Deep Dive into some products, tools and workhacks
  • Step by step: How HR at Axel Springer SE was implementing new ways of working and was fostering a continuous change of the corporate culture
  • Best practice: Participants learn firsthand how to set up a successful process for introducing New Wok methods

15:00 - 16:00

Q&A - Online Coaching for groupwork

Johannes Burr

Understanding/food for thought concerning agile methods, culture hacks, New Work, Change Management, HR Transformation
  • • Feedback to groupwork/Culture Hacks

17 November 2021

09:00 - 12:00

Data/People Analytics

Marion Festing
Lynn Schäfer

Participants will learn how people analytics can help you to tackle your challenges and become a more competitive organisation.
  • What is People Analytics?
  • How can People Analytics be applied (cases)?
  • Which data is used for People Analytics?
Coffee Break

12:15 - 13:00

HR, Analytics & Ethics

Tbd: Andreas Dittes

  • Facts and Figures from practitioner on HR analytics
  • Discussion: Change of mindset in HR to embrace data
  • Infos: HR Tech Ethikbeirat

14:00 - 16:00

Speech and discussion:
New Work & Digital Exhaustion, Resilience

Markus Albers

Develop holistic view on impact of New Work implementation
Foster resilience, increase retention and motivation.
  • Awareness: Participants will be able to put into context New Work’s three dimensions: Bricks, Bytes, Behaviour.
  • Critical Perspective: Participants will learn about downsides and even dangers of New Work schemes.
  • Solutions: Participants will learn about best practices to avoid said downsides and avert dangers. In the subsequent discussion they will apply this knowledge to develop hands-on solutions for their own organisations.

24 November 2021

09:00 - 12:00

Feedback and wrap up session
Presentation of groupworks
Q&A with all teachers

Marion Festing - Lynn Schäfer - Markus Albers - Johannes Burr

It all starts in HR: The Human Resource Department as driver for new ways of working.

Participants can develop their own roadmap to implement New Work


Heads of Human Resources departments, HR Business Partners, HR Managers and Talent Management Managers as well as other HR and organisational development professionals of medium sized and large companies.

Fees - €2,950


Learn more about the work of faculty & partners: