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Chair in Intercultural Management

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Placed under the aegis of the ESCP Foundation, the Chair in Intercultural Management stems from the desire shared by Groupe Renault and ESCP to propose a privileged place for learning and expertise on matters related to intercultural management.
The aim is to develop a better understanding of how cultural diversities impact the structure and the operation of organizations.

Intercultural Management is a new features in Renault's inclusion policy. Therefore Intercultural management is an important organizational focus for Groupe Renault, and an instrumental factor in its success, progress, development and employee engagement.

This chair is led by Marion Festing, ESCP professor based in Berlin and head of the school’s Intercultural Management Excellence Centre.

Prof. Dr. Marion Festing, Professor of Human Resource Management and Intercultural Leadership, Academic Director of the Talent Management Institute (TMI) and of the Excellence Centre of Intercultural Management (CIM), Chair in Intercultural Management, ESCP
A few words from
Marion Festing

With its strong international profile and profoundly European stature, ESCP is the natural home for this kind of chair. ESCP is the world’s only major international business school to boast this degree of pan-European scope. With its six integrated city-centre European campuses in Paris, London, Berlin, Madrid, Turin and Warsaw, it offers students a unique multicultural experience.
In today’s multipolar world, questions of cultural diversity and social responsibility have an increasingly direct impact on business. The purpose of a school like ESCP is to train the coming generation of transnational leaders, preparing them to seize the opportunities offered by cultural diversity

Marion Festing, ESCP Professor
and Scientific Director

Mouna Sepehri, Executive VP, CEO Office, Renault Group
A few words from
Mouna Sepehri
Renault Group

While remaining true to its French origins and industrial, commercial and human values, Groupe Renault has become a global, multipolar and multicultural organization. One of the secrets of our success is the diversity of our workforce and the respect for each individual’s culture and identity. We are very enthusiastic about this new chair, which will be making a valuable contribution to the promotion of diversity and intercultural management in business

Mouna Sepehri, Executive VP, CEO Office
Renault Group


Groupe Renault's involment

One major feature of recent automotive industry history is the trend toward large-scale partnership operations, such as the unique alliance formed in 1999 by French group Renault and Japanese group Nissan.

In a sector that is particularly vulnerable to changing economic, technological, social and environmental conditions, Renault, a prominent French company, has grown into a worldwide group with a workforce of 120,000 in 127 countries. With combined sales of 5.27 million vehicles for the first half of 2017, the unique alliance - which today includes Nissan and Mitsubishi - now is the world’s leader in the automotive sector.

The aim

The chair seeks to develop a sound understanding of practices suited to intercultural management, and to offer the academic world capabilities for research on the organization and implementation of these practices.

Three fields of activity

The chair will focus on three fields of activity:


Enriching and developing courses on intercultural management, using "blended learning" in particular, with innovative media (e.g. digital, etc.).


Fostering research production on the theme with a network of researchers in France, Europe and the rest of the world, in order to strengthen the central position of France and Europe in this field. Research output will include the publication of research papers, contributions to conferences and seminars, articles in scientific journals and press articles.


Organizing a series of events gathering practitioners, students, research faculty and Renault participants, as well as creating and animating a genuine community of professionals and students around the theme of intercultural management.

Intercultural management sponsoring picture


The Intercultural Management Chair has also made it possible for the new MBA in International Management to be sponsored by Mouna Sepehri, Executive Vice President, Office of the CEO, as a powerful source of inspiration for the 98 managers-to-be who graduated from this programme.The MBA in International Management is inherently intercultural in scope, as it gathers students of 33 different nationalities. Attachments area

Areas of research

The main research focus is partly the same as ESCP’s Human Resource Management & Intercultural Leadership Chair also headed by Marion Festing: International Human Resource Management.

Research subjects

International HRM strategies and approaches, with special emphasis on emerging countries
Global Careers
Global Talent Management
Global Performance Management
Global Compensation, with special emphasis on Central and Eastern Europe
Intercultural Leadership Adjustment and Intercultural Competence
Intercultural Learning and Intercultural Competence
Global Cluster Research
Total Rewards, especially global standardization and local adaptation of rewards

Research Project on Job Embeddedness with the CCMN

This project is conducted within the Cross-Cultural Management Network (CCMN), a network of numerous research teams worldwide.

The objective of this research is to investigate the role of job embeddedness as a predictor of employee retention across cultures, and how leadership behaviours and attitudes can drive job embeddedness.

The chair and ESCP's Talent Management Institute

The chair also works closely with ESCP’s Talent Management Institute - which studies global talent management among others - and Excellence Centre for Intercultural Management - which aims to develop and provide intercultural management research and solutions for practitioners by developing and running practice-oriented and academic research projects with its associated research centres: ESCP’s CERALE (Centre d’Etudes et de Recherche Amérique Latine Europe), TIB (Teams in International Business) and INCLUDEE (Inclusion, Uniqueness and Diversity in Education and Enterprises).

The team

Prof. Dr. Marion Festing, Professor of Human Resource Management and Intercultural Leadership, Academic Director of the Talent Management Institute (TMI) and of the Excellence Centre of Intercultural Management (CIM), Chair in Intercultural Management, ESCP


Scientific Director

Focus on…


The Intercultural Managemement Lab

7 November 2019
The Intercultural Managemement Lab taking place on Nov 7 is designed by the Group Renault Chair as a great opportunity to immerse in what Intercultural Management is about.

Mouna Sepheri Chaire Intercultural Management Chair


In conversation with Mouna Sepehri

30 November 2018
An event brought to ESCP by the Intercultural Management Chair.



Renault Chair off to a fast start

30 March 2018
The ESCP-Groupe Renault Chair in Intercultural Management has already launched a research project about intercultural competence.

Learning expedition at Renault Technocentre for the MBA in IM Class, ESCP


Great learning expedition at Renault Technocentre for the MBA in IM

12 Feb 2018
A special journey has been designed for them to meet the HR team and experts in leading edge innovations.

News & Events

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Last video
Meeting Marion Festing (Intercultural Management Chair)

Research & Publications

Impact Paper
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on global employees

ESCP Business School
May 2020

This impact paper examines the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on global employees.

Based on survey data collected before and in the first intense phase of the pandemic, we find a decline and change in global work roles, interestingly a largely positive effect on job and career satisfaction, however, varying by gender and family situation.

Writted by Marion Festing and Sina Alessa Kraus

Renault Chair off to a fast start

Chair in Intercultural Management
30 Mar 2018

The ESCP-Groupe Renault Chair in Intercultural Management has already launched a research project about intercultural competence.

Only months after its creation and even before the start of the Formula One season, the Chair in Intercultural Management formed by ESCP and partner Groupe Renault had already launched a research project about intercultural competence.

Redefining Intercultural Management by Mouna Sepehri.

Chair in Intercultural Management
21 Nov 2017

Mouna Sepehri, Executive Vice President for the CEO’s office and Member of the Renault Executive Committee at Groupe Renault, gives us her vision about the intercultural management within Groupe Renault.

For her, "if we aim to foster the rise of enlightened leaders, it is essential to promote a multicultural and interdisciplinary approach from the very beginning of their training."

Press Release
ESCP and Groupe Renault, Co-founders of New Chair for Intercultural Management.

Chair in Intercultural Management
15 Nov 2017

Groupe Renault and the ESCP Business School have the pleasure to announce the creation of a Chair in Intercultural Management.

Led by Marion Festing, ESCP professor of Human Resource Management and Intercultural Leadership.


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