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Reinventing Work Chair

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The "Reinventing Work" Chair, signed on December 17, aims to improve our understanding of how the transformation of work as a whole leads to organizational changes.

The Chair will be devoted to studying the development of new or renewed skills, deployed in different types of work environments (remote leadership, working from home, management of experts).

Interview of Marie Guillaume, Responsible for BivwAk! By BNP Paribas
Interview of
Marie Guillaume
Responsible of BivwAk!
By BNP Paribas

This partnership is fully in line with BivwAk!'s mission to support the transformation and continuous development of BNP Paribas and its teams by opening up the Group to external ecosystems. This is a great opportunity to feed our strategic thinking while experiencing ways of working for tomorrow!

Marie Guillaume, Responsible of BivwAk! By BNP Paribas

Emmanuelle Léon, Professeur ESCP et Directrice Scientifique de la Chaire Reinventing Work
A few words from
Emmanuelle Leon
Scientific Director

Digital technology and artificial intelligence are leading us, above all, to question what we call ‘work’, ‘business’, ‘management’ and even ‘workspaces’! We must also understand the changes taking place, their origins and their consequences for employees and their managers. From considering how to develop skills in response to increasing flexibility, agility and digitisation, to rethinking the balance between private and professional life, or analysing the role of algorithms in recruitment... the issues are exciting and I am delighted about the opportunites offered by this new Chair to explore them in detail and reinvent them...

Emmanuelle Léon, Professor ESCP and Scientific Director of the Chair


Decode the changes in today's work to anticipate tomorrow's work.

A common conviction

For several years now, BNP Paribas has been carrying out in-depth research on these subjects and shares with ESCP the conviction that digital transformation goes hand-in-hand with a strong demand for changes in working methods and, more generally, in the way professional activites are performed. The agreement entered into by the partners, under the aegis of the ESCP Foundation, stipulates that the Chair's activities shall be mainly based on ambitious research projects carried out in partnership with BNP Paribas.


These projects will explore the impacts of flexibility, digitisation and artificial intelligence on the behaviour of managers and their teams. The Chair's activities will be conducted in different contexts (national, international, in-house at BNP Paribas, and extended to other companies). Bringing together academics and professionals, it will facilitate the development of a forward-looking perspective on current developments.


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Emmanuelle Léon, Professeur ESCP et Directrice Scientifique de la Chaire Reinventing Work


Professor ESCP and Scientific Director of the Chair

Interview de Marie Guillaume, Responsable de BivwAk! By BNP Paribas


Responsible for BivwAk! By BNP Paribas

Maud Lesieur, Upskilling programme Leader, BivwAk! By BNP Paribas


Upskilling programme Leader, BivwAk! By BNP Paribas

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Bienvenue à la nouvelle Chaire Reinventing Work !


By bringing together academics and professionals, the Chair facilitates renewed theoretical and practical views. Learn more about our Research Projects.

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