Professorship in Creativity Marketing

Placed under the aegis of the ESCP Foundation, this professorship with L'Oréal strengthens in a complementary way a major school’s scientific expertise and a leading company’s know-how, on a crucial business issue and on topical subjects such as big data and the use of behavioural sciences in innovation and marketing creativity.

The Professorship, launched in 2015, is led by Dr Marie Taillard, Professor at ESCP (UK), specialist in studying marketing management and consumer behaviour from the perspective of the communications.

Dr Marie Taillard, Scientific Director, Chair in Creativity Marketing, L'Oréal, ESCP
A few words from
Marie Taillard
Scientific Director 

We are really proud that the work we have done establishing Creativity Marketing as a centre of excellence for ESCP has been recognised by one of the world's top marketing-led companies, and we are looking forward to deepening our relationship with L'Oréal.

As a consumer psychologist, I have always been fascinated by the consumption of beauty products, and the emotional and psychological factors that drive it. L'Oréal is at the forefront when it comes to understanding consumers, and this new partnership will be a great opportunity to show how real-world marketing issues can benefit from the cutting-edge academic research conducted at ESCP.

Dr Marie Taillard, Professor at ESCP


A partnership to advance the study of marketing

For L'Oréal and ESCP, creativity marketing is a shared domain of excellence. The partnership strengthens L'Oréal's position in the domain, bringing academic content and input to its internal and external operations.

The benefit

The company benefits from the high visibility offered within ESCP, through participation in the business school's events and contact with its 49,000 strong student and alumni body; and beyond ESCP, through academic and professional conferences, media appearances and other events.

Creativity Marketing Centre logo horizontale, ESCP, L'OréalCreativity Marketing Centre logo, ESCP, L'Oréal

The Creativity Marketing Centre (CMC)

Platform for thought-leadership and knowledge exchange on the role of creativity a driving force of value in marketing

As part of this agreement, L'Oréal became a Founding Corporate Member of ESCP's Creativity Marketing Centre (CMC). The CMC carries out academic research and publishes articles on themes such as consumer creativity, cultures of creativity, analytics and creativity, big data, behavioural science innovation and the emergence of business ecosystems.

Areas of research

A cutting-edge research

ESCP and L'Oréal will explore together a cutting-edge research field with real-world management implications, establishing L'Oréal as a business at the forefront of innovative management thinking.


Special pedagogical and consultancy projects are set up for students, as well as L'Oréal-centred case studies and seminars. There is also the opportunity for ESCP's faculty to participate in L'Oréal's in-house seminars on creativity marketing.

The work of the CMC

The work of the Creativity Marketing Centre, based at ESCP's London campus, feeds into the school's flagship marketing degree programme, the MSc in Marketing and Creativity. In addition, marketing courses within the general management master degrees and the Executive MBA benefit from the CMC's cutting-edge reflection and research.

The Team

Marie Taillard Academic Co-Director - Professorship in Creativity Marketing - ESCP


Scientific Director

Focus on…

Professorship in Creativity Marketing ESCP L'Oréal


How brands use the Covid-19 crisis to reposition themselves

08 April 2020
As Covid-19 continues to spread around the world, the pressure on businesses to address a new reality has been immense at every level.

chaire Une Usine pour le Futur


Lauch of Food for Ears Operation [FR]

31 march 2020
Podcasting recommendations complete the online pedagogical offer for ESCP students.

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Research & Publications

The L’Oréal Professorship is exploring happiness at work [ENG]

Professorship in Creativity Marketing
22 Mar 2018

The L’Oréal Professorship has launched a new research project, on a large-scale, cross-cultural online survey of participants happiness at work.

Led by Benjamin Voyer (professorship co-director) , with the help of Charlotte Gaston Breton and Minas Kastanakis (professors), and Jérémy E. Lemoine (post-doctoral).


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Big Picture 2018
8th Edition - L’Oréal personalized luxury makeup experience

For this 8th Big Picture edition, the challenge was to put together a vision for what L’Oréal personalized luxury makeup experience might be in the next two to five years, presenting this vision in a one-minute original video and 3-slide PowerPoint. The aim of this workshop is to challenge traditional business models in the beauty industry with disruptive innovation.

Published on 22/05/2018[in English]

Gift with L’Oréal

icon-youtube [in English]
A film by Mathias Hupin (ESCP), Cécilia Jamil (IFM), Mélodie Caumes (ESCP), Vaijayanthi Ravi (ESCP), Elodie Breton (IFM)
The winners of the Big Picture 2018 Challenge, with the support of L'Oréal
One of the most common problems we face is giving the right gift to someone, especially when this comes to make-up. How can you actually find something that is unique yet entirely personal to gift?
Published on 22/05/2018[in English]

Big Picture Challenge 2018

icon-youtube [in English]
This year, the students from IFM's MSc Luxury Program and from the Creativity Marketing Master at ESCP London were working as consultants to the Innovation Division at L’Oréal.
Their “client” was Maud Jullien, Associate Vice President Makeup Innovation and Product Development at L’Oréal, who kicked off the project.
The students were asked to put together their vision for what a L’Oréal personalized luxury makeup experience might be in the next two to five years.

Big Picture 2016
6th edition - A Disruptive Vision of Beauty and Cosmetics for the 21st Century

As Founding Member of the Creativity Marketing Centre, L'Oréal offers our students unique opportunities to apply their creative skills to some of their strategic and business challenges.
Students were divided into nine teams. Each team was asked to define the meaning of beauty and its modes of consumption in 2025 and express it through a series of videos.

Published on 26/02/2016[in English]

From a Beauty Brand to a Wellbeing Hub

icon-youtube [in English]
Today’s advertising keeps prescribing one version of beauty causing constant disappointment and life under pressure. To be future-ready, replace perfection with optimization.
A film by Stephanie Zingg (IFM/Image Design), Irma Kubisty (IFM/Msc Luxury), Betty Lee (IFM/MSc Luxury), Xi Lu (IFM/MSc Luxury)...
And Anouchée Khochtinat (ESCP/MSc Creativity Marketing), Nomin Lkhagvadorj (ESCP/MSc Creativity Marketing).
Published on 26/02/2016[in English]

The Right of Beauty

icon-youtube [in English]
Let’s ensure a “Right to Beauty” to everyone and guarantee everyone a chance to have a new life perspective and to take an active role in the world.
A film by Irem Tonga (IFM/Image Design), Urška Gabric (IFM/MSc Luxury), Daria Zheglo (IFM/MSc Luxury), Paolo Gagliardo (ESCP/MSc Creativity Marketing)...
And Paolo Gagliardo (ESCP/MSc Creativity Marketing), Margot Khelifi (ESCP/MSc Creativity Marketing), Madeleine Ortiz (ESCP/MSc Creativity Marketing).
Published on 26/02/2016[in English]

Slow Beauty

icon-youtube [in English]
We believe that in 2025, consumers will be more educated and seek a greater transparency from the cosmetics industry.
A film by Delphine Sicard Malafosse (IFM/Image Design), Dilyara Abdaliyeva (IFM/MSc Luxury), Felicia Chiang (IFM/MSc Luxury), Alessandra Rondani (IFM/MSc Luxury)...
And Laila Mahan (ESCP/MSc Creativity Marketing), Rebecca Zhuan (ESCP/MSc Creativity Marketing).
Published on 26/02/2016[in English]


icon-youtube [in English]
The need for transparency in the beauty industry is an issue. Increasingly, consumers want to know how the products they use are made, and how it affects them.
The beauty sector has yet to practice honest disclosure and corporate social responsibility.
A film by Fabio Sedda (IFM/Image Design), Anne-Sophie Bach (IFM/MSc Luxury), Michelle (Poi Kuan) Chin (IFM/MSc Luxury), Cyril Jordil (IFM/MSc Luxury)...
Beatriz Camborda Mendoza (ESCP/MSc Creativity Marketing), Alexa Baumgaertner (ESCP/MSc Creativity Marketing), Theresa Rabing (ESCP/MSc Creativity Marketing).
Published on 26/02/2016[in English]

Augmented seduction

icon-youtube [in English]
In 2025, Beauty stands at the edge between the physical and the digital spheres, and becomes a two-fold concept.
A film by Delphine Sicard Malafosse (IFM/Image Design), Dilyara Abdaliyeva (IFM/MSc Luxury), Felicia Chiang (IFM/MSc Luxury), Alessandra Rondani (IFM/MSc Luxury)...
And Laila Mahan (ESCP/MSc Creativity Marketing), Rebecca Zhuan (ESCP/MSc Creativity Marketing).
Published on 26/02/2016[in English]


icon-youtube [in English]
By 2025 it 'll become necessary to form an alliance with the pharmaceutical industry, particularly with their new ventures into biopharmaceuticals specialized in neurology and psychiatry.
A film by SCamille Kolb (IFM/Image Design), Natalia Alexandra Hartmann (IFM/MSc Luxury), Paulina Hemmer Rebolledo (IFM/MSc Luxury)...
And Yue Li (ESCP/MSc Creativity Marketing), Victoria Ivins (ESCP/MSc Creativity Marketing), Elena Kharitonova (ESCP/MSc Creativity Marketing).
Published on 26/02/2016[in English]

Systematised (will you still be worth it?)

icon-youtube [in English]
Consumers will be able to choose the brand of the makeup that will be inserted into the machine and then printed onto his or her face.
A film by Anne Darrigrand (IFM/Image Design), Melissa Cru (IFM/MSc Luxury), Vanessa Ghaleb (IFM/MSc Luxury), Stephanie Tercero (IFM/MSc Luxury)...
Julia Bulterman (ESCP/MSc Creativity Marketing), Andrea Giubilato (ESCP/MSc Creativity Marketing).
Published on 26/02/2016[in English]

A Vision On Self - Actualization

icon-youtube [in English]
Image-editing tools will most likely be the most essential sector of the beauty industry of 2025, an investment which would serve as a substitute to makeup product offer.
A film by Phanlert Sriprom (IFM/Image Design), Maria Ira Dervenaga (IFM/MSc Luxury), Carlos Palomino-Ojeda (IFM/MSc Luxury), Cyriaque Houdoux (ESCP/MSc Creativity Marketing)...
Helene Mouquet (ESCP/MSc Creativity Marketing), Julia Ternon (ESCP/MSc Creativity Marketing).
Published on 26/02/2016[in English]

Diverse Authenticity

icon-youtube [in English]
In 2025, you will want to take a step back and reflect on your core values; you will want to be authentic.
A film by Lorena Bolta (IFM/Image Design), Basuki Chandra (IFM/MSc Luxury), Giovanna Samperio Diaz (IFM/MSc Luxury), Carlos Soler Ripolles (IFM/MSc Luxury)...
And Talia Pilorge (ESCP/MSc Creativity Marketing), Divya Gopal (ESCP/MSc Creativity Marketing), Patricia Magra Vildosola (ESCP/MSc Creativity Marketing).