Start by choosing to transcend disciplines

To thrive in today’s fast-changing world, business leaders must be equipped with a wide range of skills. That’s why ESCP Business School offers interdisciplinary study opportunities which go beyond pure business education, encouraging students to take advanced courses in other disciplines such as law, design, or mathematics.

Preparing future managers' professional life

Times to come will be hard to foresee and extremely competitive. New technologies are evolving rapidly and converging with one another, all of which will make future managers' professional life far different from that of the older generations. With the aim to prepare young graduates for a technology-driven future, ESCP Business School equips them with the necessary tools to work in the age of the 4th Industrial Revolution and beyond.

New challenges

With the new challenges brought about by the massive arrival of new technologies, such as artificial intelligence, we believe that science and the humanities should be more intertwined than ever. These disciplines are decisive in understanding the ethical challenges, creating value from changing human-AI relationships, as well as in designing effective and sustainable solutions.

To compete with machines, humans need to be good at creating the improbable solutions. "Art Thinking", a method taught during "Improbable Seminars" at ESCP Business School, helps to meet these new challenges, allowing people be creative and to think about the philosophical, political, societal or environmental issues of technical innovations.

A new generation of managers

In an increasingly globalized world, the new generation of managers is in perpetual search for challenges, opportunities and life-long learning. To promote versatility, open-mindedness and multiculturalism, ESCP programmes are designed to immerse students into another culture for one or several semesters.

They have the opportunity to take part in exchange programmes with one of our over 130 partner universities in Europe and the World, as well as to pursue a Double Degree with one of the numerous Dual Degree Partners worldwide.

Interdisciplinary Teaching

At ESCP Business School, interdisciplinary teaching integrates the hard and the soft skills of management. We develop our students’ creativity by cultivating curiosity, confidence and encouraging the contribution of all disciplines to economic dynamism. As Professor Francesco Rattalino, Dean of ESCP Turin Campus, once said: "We are the oldest business school in the world, but we like to look at ourselves as we were, and still are, the first into the future".