Start by choosing European diversity

Created in 1819 by entrepreneurs, ESCP Business School has embraced the values of multiculturalism and diversity rooted in European university culture for the last 200 years. Throughout 6 integrated campuses in Europe, we promote our European cross-cultural approach to management based on interdisciplinary principles and train the high-potential leaders of tomorrow.

Since 1819

Since its founding in 1819, ESCP Business School has chosen to teach responsible leadership based on European values and commitment.

In 1974, we opened our London Campus, back when the UK was building up its ties with Continental Europe. Undeterred by the Brexit, which came into force on January 31st 2020, we remain a true UK institution and a European leader at the heart of London.

With urban campuses in Berlin, London, Paris, Madrid, Turin and Warsaw, our European identity enables us to train high-level professionals who will be able to successfully bridge borders and contribute to the consolidation of a thriving European economic area.

Our missions

Our mission is to inspire and educate tomorrow's business leaders. That’s why every year, our Master in Management (MiM) students from all campuses in Europe meet at the European Parliament in Brussels to attend the programme’s flagship seminar “Designing Europe” and to immerse themselves in the reality of European parliamentarians.

Moving Tomorrow - A Cultural Journey

“Moving Tomorrow - A Cultural Journey”, our serious game that received the 2019 Reimagine Education Awards silver medal, embodies ESCP’s European management style, described by Professor Andreas Kaplan, Dean of ESCP Berlin Campus, as a “cross-cultural, societal management approach based on interdisciplinary principles”.

Two hundred years

For two hundred years, ESCP Business School has grown and developed with the simultaneous occurrence of deep challenges and opportunities. As European humanists, we will continue passing on to our students the values of academic excellence inherited from European university culture and inspiring future leaders to impact the world with respect for cultures and all forms of diversity.