Turin Campus discussed the impact of AI in the near future during the Italian conference of the European Festival: Designing Tomorrow's Business

On 21st June 2019, Turin Campus hosted the conference “Human Intelligence in the Era of Artificial Intelligence”, organised at the Auditorium of the Intesa Sanpaolo Skyscraper to celebrate ESCP's bicentenary. 

Prof. Francesco Rattalino, Dean of ESCP Turin Campus, welcomed the guests and introducing the speakers, said: "We are the oldest business school in the world, but we like to look at ourselves as we were, and still are, the first into the future".

In an ecosystem where artificial intelligence has an increasing impact, a range of professors and experts from various disciplines were invited to debate on how human-machine interaction transforms decision-making processes, work speed and flexibility.

The keynote speech was held by Terence Tse, Professor at ESCP and co-founder of Nexus FrontierTech. He reassured the conference audience that machines won’t kill our jobs, but we have to develop a new set of skills: creativity, emotional intelligence, continuous learning.
"Whether AI is going to be more intelligent, or has any intelligence at all, is purely dependent on what we human beings will be doing with it" said Professor Tse.

The speakers debated on how technological innovations are transforming the business world and how AI cannot replace a variety of human skills.

The conference hosted speeches by Anna Simioni, Advisor at The Boston Consulting Group, Davide Dattoli, Co-founder & CEO of Talent Garden, and Riccardo Viale, Professor of Behavioral Sciences and Cognitive Economics at Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca.

Here are some insights from the speakers:

ESCP's bicentenary is an opportunity to reflect on the school's history, future and vocation to educate tomorrow's managers. Among the many events organised for the celebration, there is the "European Festival: Designing Tomorrow's Business" which invites us to rethink the world of tomorrow. The international event hosts a series of conferences between Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris and Turin where professors, entrepreneurs, and experts reflect on topics that will affect the economy and society of the future.

Catch up on what you missed in the full video of the event: