Start by choosing responsible paths

With our contemporary world going through major changes, the era of responsible and collaborative leadership has arrived. By educating responsible leaders for tomorrow, ESCP Business School prides itself in being a platform for innovation on ethics, responsibility and sustainability issues, as well as a catalyst for debate on these crucial topics.

The challenges facing the world

The world is currently facing major environmental and societal challenges, with many of our natural resources being stretched to their limits, hence the urgent need to transition toward a new form of responsible capitalism.

Leading a sustainable Future

Leading a sustainable future starts with educating better leaders for tomorrow. As a growing majority of young adults are looking to use their careers to solve social and environmental problems, we are convinced that business schools play an important role in equipping them with the knowledge and skills to manage our changing world.

Key adjustments

To that end, key adjustments have occurred in ESCP Business School’s activities regarding ethics, responsibility and sustainability. Beyond teaching traditional business management, we have developed dedicated programmes as well as innovative educational content across our programmes.

The crucial role of sustainability

Sustainability plays a crucial role in research and teaching, as well as in daily operations of our campuses, with our Berlin campus being a leader in the in the field through sustainability-driven Master programmes, research hubs, chairs and publications, for example on sustainable business models and the circular economy or the use of Big Data and IoT to reduce food waste.

Foster the transition toward circular economy

To foster the transition toward circular economy, a complex process involving the collaboration between numerous actors and institutions, we must also explore how companies can contribute to sustainable development by completely rethinking their business models.

The Chair in Circular Economy

That's why ESCP Business School created a Research Chair in Circular Economy, with the mission to inspire a cross-fertilisation of views and encourage companies to take part in these economic and societal changes. As explained by the Chair's co-scientific Directors, Prof. Valentina Carbone and Prof. Aurélien Acquier, its approach is completely interdisciplinary, because the circular economy brings into play social science, political science, engineering science, economics, design and the various management disciplines.

A sustainable future for the next generations

In a world defined by the economy, the sphere of business can tip the scales towards a sustainable future for the next generations. By defending our values, our unique approach to management and our multicultural point of view on the world, we lay down responsible paths for future business leaders and train them to embrace the world with intelligence and ethics.