Talent sharing for organisational development A fascinating project launched in October 2020

Research context

This research has been designed at the Chair for Human Resource Management and Intercultural Management at ESCP Business School, Berlin and launched in October 2020.
It covers talents and talent experts from 9 different industries. It represents the first study on talent sharing, including its design and success factors. Thereby, it provides important recommendations for organisations on this increasingly applied approach.  

Research question

What is the effect of talent sharing on learning and development in organizations?

Methodology and milestones

We followed an explorative research approach conducting 21 interviews with talents and talent experts in various organisations originating in Austria and Germany. This approach helps us to gain deep insights into outcomes and mechanisms underlying talent sharing and to pay tribute to the context-dependency of talent management. 


Research team

  • Marion Festing (ESCP, Berlin campus)
  • Katharina Salmen (ESCP, Berlin campus) 

Research keytake aways

Talent sharing has the potential to bring novel resources into organisations including new knowledge and skills as well as cultural values. This is especially valuable for organizations in dynamic contexts that are forced to reinvent themselves. 

In order to capitalize on the insights gleaned from talent sharing, organisations need to consider various success factors such as the role of managers, corporate culture, HRM / TM as well as behaviours and motivations of talents

Talents represent the lynchpin of talent sharing: they are not only important boundary spanners between host and home organizations but they are also the ones who hold strategic positions helping them to spread the insights gained from talent sharing. Therefore, it is especially important to select adequate people for talent sharing. 


Key outcomes

External ecosystem

Shared research outputs / Awards and articles

Paper accepted for presentation at the 82nd Annual Meeting of the Academy of Management, Seattle/USA, August 2022 

Paper presented at the 10th EIASM Workshop on Talent Management (online), Oct 2021