Meaning of work and self organisation A fascinating project launched in February 2020

Research context

This project is dedicated at analysing how individuals in a team can manage the everyday expectations and complexities while at work. It was conducted during several days of presence in the office, observing a specific team at Bivwak! and conducting in-depth interviews with the majority of the team members. Due to the crisis of Covid-19 and personal issues experienced by the researcher, the project was put on hold for several months. However, some interesting elements were gathered during the first phase of the project.

Research question

Does the ability of managing one's time, private and professional spaces influence the way we feel about work? 

Methodology and milestones

Interviews and observations within a specific team at BivwAk! led to the gathering of plural qualitative data on both individual and collective levels of interactions and ways of organising: one-hour individual interviews and several notes taken by the observer on various meetings, animations and personal work were produced, together with notes taken during ‘breaks’ moments. Plus, a deep methodological reflexion was also launched in the aftermath of the first wave of data collection, that could be further developed.


Research team

  • Hervé Laroche (ESCP, Paris campus)
  • Sophie Rauch (ESCP, Paris campus)

Research keytake aways

Moments of break and informal talks are key components of creation of meaning on the work expectations and obligations.

Observation of work within a team raises key methodological issues, revealing of the intrinsic complexity of the everyday work observed.

The access to intimacy at work is both very rich and hard to observe. Plus, it seems to have a lot to do with (dis)playing several professional postures while at work.