Saint-Gobain - Management Control programme

Supporting the evolution of the Saint-Gobain management control sector

The “Management Control” programme, which has been in existence for over 10 years, is the fruit of cooperation between Saint Gobain heads of management control and ESCP. It combines state-of-the-art theoretical approaches with the professional practices of the Saint Gobain Group.


Paris Campus

Karine Maxence
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Why this programme?

The challenge is to support the evolution of the Saint-Gobain management control sector by providing the most recent theoretical contributions while respecting the fundamental principles of this discipline.

In addition to mastering the tools, performance management requires an understanding of the company's strategic, human and organisational challenges. This programme reflects the Saint Gobain Group's desire to reinforce the participants' openness to complexity and diversity. These are indeed the challenges facing tomorrow's management controllers.

This 10-day programme (2 x 5 days residential), for experienced management controllers, complements Saint Gobain's training for management control professions, which includes a level 1 “core course” for beginner management controllers, which is also taught by ESCP.


The teaching in the programme

ESCP and Saint Gobain share a common concern: to stay as close as possible to the realities of the company.

Therefore, with each new class, ESCP professors and Saint Gobain work together to develop contextualised ad hoc case studies.

The dynamics of the “actions learning projects” carried out by participants in subgroups also furthers its relevance in the context of the Group.

The challenge is to link the different parts of the programme, give them meaning, coordinate the various Saint Gobain experts taking part and to manage participants’ projects ... The  coherence of the above being a key factor for success of the programme.


What participants say about their learning experience?

The most interesting for me was to see real business cases explained and examined by Professors/Internal guest speakers and also the possibility to work in small group on assigned project.

It is good to meet experienced managers working for the business and also to have discussions with ESCP Professors.

The programme gave me the possibility to better understand many areas of the finance topics in complex organizations. On top of it I had a chance to see how finance teams in various countries work, what problems they face and how they deal with them.

It was quite challenging to work with people located in different time zones.

I enjoyed the the practical and pretty informal way the program was conducted.

The external speakers bring in the global inputs while the internal speakers will tell us how we can adopt them in Saint-Gobain context.