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Supporting the growth of the Group

Operating in a sector undergoing profound change and driven by a fast pace of development for over 10 years both in France and in the rest of Europe, the ORPEA-CLINEA Group wished to create a customised training programme with ESCP. This was to be able to anticipate and adapt to changes in its environment and encourage the professional development of employees by promoting talented managers.


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Why this programme?

Specially designed for managers of the group, whether directors of clinics or retirement homes, regional directors or division managers, this training programme includes theoretical and practical teaching modules, enabling our employees to access in fine the Specialised Master in Healthcare and Hospital Management, a Grande Ecole diploma.

ORPEA wished to design the programme by customising it to the group's expectations and specific needs so that its employees may explore, make proposals and put their findings and analyses into practice on the issues they are currently facing in the field.

The aim is also to encourage high-potential managers to reflect on cross-functional strategic projects to support the development of the group in the coming years. To support the group's momentum of growth, ORPEA identifies talented people who share the values and ambitions; supports them in their career plans to enable them to progress to higher managerial positions. ORPEA hopes to stimulate careers and give the desire to always go further.

Jean-Claude BRDENK, Vice Director General in charge of Operations, ORPEA GroupWe wanted to work with a prestigious school and chose ESCP for its ability to develop superior totally customised training programmes, on the basis of a State-recognised diploma.

The international reputation of the school, in terms of our European operations and our future development projects, was also an important factor… not forgetting of course the quality and diversity of speakers and professors who are close to the realities encountered daily by professionals participating in this type of training.

It is evident that we wish to continue promoting and supporting our personnel ever further in their careers. We will continue therefore with a prestigious business school like ESCP and its programme whose specific curriculum gives access to the Specialised Master in Healthcare and Hospital Management and thus aim at a "Grande Ecole" diploma. Jean-Claude BRDENK, Vice Director General in charge of Operations, ORPEA Group.

Jean-Claude BRDENK, Vice Director General in charge of Operations, ORPEA Group

Which training programme?

This programme consists of two parts and a study trip
  • The first part includes 24 days of theory classes and enables participants to discuss strategic issues for the group's business via a dissertation: image and communication in a maligned sector, geo-marketing applied to the health sector, or the concept of residential services for the elderly. This first part of the course, which is completely customised to the needs and challenges of the group, awards the "General Management applied to the Health Sector" certificate.
  • A study trip is organised by ESCP to a university in a foreign country in order to understand the theoretical concepts that govern the activities of clinics and retirement homes outside France, as well as the practices and tools used specifically in the health sector.
  • The second part of our programme gives the opportunity for participants to access the ESCP Specialised Master in "Healthcare and Hospital Management" in order to validate the diploma at the end of the course. The ORPEA Group thus encourages the development of skills and the employability of its personnel to support them in building their careers.


What feedback?

In the opinion of everyone, the curriculum is full, rich and fulfilling, giving distance on one’s daily life to address the issues we are face with and understand our overall way of business better.

The testimony of participants and evaluations of the training programme regularly bring up the following points:
The modules fully address some of the more concrete topics and those more in relation to our daily business. We can see what each module brings us in managing our establishments every day and even beyond.
The speakers are very clear and captivating despite the highly technical subjects.
The speakers’ visions oxygenate the mind! By being immersed in different sectors to ours, they can teach us to translate them perfectly.
The content is very rich and gives us a strategic vision of our environment through the tools presented.

In short: It’s a real pleasure!