CCI VAL DE MARNE - Management for new business leaders programme

Supporting entrepreneurship

The Val-de-Marne CCI has chosen to use ESCP as part of its “Cité Cap” support programme aimed at business leaders of high-potential companies located in specific neighbourhoods.

The goal of Cité Cap is to contribute to the development of VSE and stabilise employment in these areas. Through the Management for new business leaders programme, ESCP has developed and completed the managerial skills of top managers. 40 VSE two groups of business leaders have followed 7 full days of training in the main management disciplines and strategy, one day every 2 months over an 18-month period.


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Why this programme? And in what context?

Louis-Marie CALZI, Head of the Entrepreneurship Department, CCI Val-de-MarneCITÉ CAP offers 36 business leaders of high-potential companies in specific neighbourhoods of la Ville du Val-de-Marne a comprehensive and modular support programme.

Its various components make it a global support programme, combining collective management training, individual sponsorship by senior heads of companies and talks by expert consultants. In this respect, CITÉ CAP is a real network for sustaining these companies and their contribution to the development of stable  employment in these areas.

This programme’s goals are fourfold:

  • To sustain high-potential companies in these neighbourhoods
  • To accelerate their development
  • To contribute to the development of stable employment in these neighbourhoods
  • To create local dynamics to foster the development of the company services market

It was a dual challenge: on the one hand, to design and carry out a training programme adapted  to business leaders with highly diverse experience and backgrounds and also to different sectors, and on the other hand, create essential conditions for generating a dynamic network.

ESCP’s expertise in management combined with its ability to implement complex training programmes were naturally top on the list of the CCI Val-de-Marne selection criteria. In addition, it was found that its wide selection of management programmes on specific themes enabled it to meet demand, and also that its network of professionals and the availability of the research centre gave extra added value to the programme offered.

Finally, the complementary tools designed by ESCP (collaborative intranet platform, quarterly speed-meetings for business leaders and network sponsors…) corresponded perfectly with our desire to strengthen network dynamics.

Louis-Marie CALZI, Head of the Entrepreneurship Department, CCI Val-de-Marne

What participants said?

“This has enabled me to confirm certain choices, to go further and do better. It has made me mature faster.”
“We have learnt so many things that help us to progress.”
“This training programme has given me the energy to be able to develop my own business and the hindsight necessary to reposition my offer.”
“Thanks to this programme I am able to go forwards with optimism and determination.”

The Academic Director’s point of view

Business creation is a fundamental lever today for creating value and jobs

This programme enables creators of new enterprises in Val-de-Marne and at ESCP to compare their experience and knowledge.
These creators of companies can measure their challenges against their existing management skills to the benefit of their projects.
ESCP learns from contact with them due to their position as heads of Very Small Enterprises. It is an adventure that everyone comes out of more mature than before.
This project is part of the commitment of the School towards entrepreneurship (entrepreneurship chair, business incubator) and is therefore particularly meaningful for ESCP."

Thierry BOUDÈS,