Novartis - Novartis Excellence Programme

Supporting talent development

9 Novartis managers started an ambitious training course in October 2013: the Novartis Excellence Programme (NEP).

This programme includes:

  • In year 1 - 7 modules of 3 days at ESCP to help participants develop their soft and hard skills and validate their experience through an action project
  • At the end of the programme, all participants will benefit from the recognition of the B.A.D.G.E. label of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE).
  • In year 2 - a change to another function, with mentoring.

2 others cohorts have been trained in 2014 and 2015.


Paris Campus

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Why this programme?

Odile Pincemaille,  Executive Director of Human  Resources,  Novartis Pharma SASThis programme aims to be a path of accelerated development to prepare employees for future positions in line with the company’s strategy “First in 2015”.

Consequently, it was important for us that this programme award either a diploma or certificate, both to send a strong signal to employees regarding the investment of Novartis in them, and to give them access to an attractive and professionally recognised programme.

Our activity must take into account changes in our environment, new demands from patients and healthcare stakeholders. Our ambition is to provide “the right treatment to the right patient at the right time” and requires for us to listen to our patients to meet their expectations more effectively.
Thus, this new development programme contributes to such a dynamic approach, with its thematic lectures, simulations and teamwork blending together to provide a training course of excellence at ESCP.

The desire to innovate to serve the needs of clents, leadership, and interdepartmental work is fundamental to our business: this is an opportunity for our employees to develop these aspects today to build the skills of tomorrow.

Odile PINCEMAILLE, Executive Director of Human  Resources, Novartis Pharma SAS

Lisa TVRDY NEP Programme Manager NovartisWorking from our specifications, ESCP was able to offer a highly structured and innovative programme with a common thread linking the  different modules.

“The programme’s teaching demonstrated an excellent knowledge of the environment and the challenges of the pharmaceutical industry. In addition to this, the strategic vision, the quality and complementarity of the support team convinced us to work with the school.

We liked the way our specifications were integrated into the programme with solid results. The exchanges we had on our aspirations were rewarding for the programme design. In fact, I had the opportunity and pleasure to follow the three days of the first module: it was not simply 9 individuals following the same training course, but a truly collective experience that was taking shape.”

Lisa TVRDY, NEP Programme Manager, Novartis

What the trainees thought

“Freedom of expression, kindness and trust.”
“The training course has helped me see the whole picture and identify concepts useful for adopting new habits.”
“This module has generated a real desire to progress for myself and for others.”
“A lot of interaction and listening by everyone.”

“Instructive exercises which encourage reflection.”
“Each work session is an important source of learning and raising of issues.”
“A speaker of incredible pertinence who makes things accessible! Highly profitable in-depth session which complements my fields of work perfectly (coaching, feedback …).”

The Academic Director’s point of view

Our approach is firmly rooted in active learning to support employee mobility to new functions in line with the benchmarks for skills at Novartis
  • To develop self-knowledge with over 7 days focused on leadership and interpersonal communication. The psychometric MBTI tool is used to begin the process of change in function.
  • To develop appreciation of collective performance with 6 training days exploring cross-sectoral collaboration and team work in an action project under the auspices of the Novartis Executive Committee. 
  • To develop business skills with over 7 days dedicated to.
  • To assisting the management of the action project: innovation, project management, results orientation for the client.