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Sustainability: boosting the transition towards a green future

Sustainability plays a crucial role in research and teaching, as well as in daily operations on the Berlin campus, giving it its rightful position as one of the trio of academic key areas: sustainability, entrepreneurship and digitalisation.

ESCP Berlin Campus’s Vision

ESCP Berlin Campus’s vision is that sustainability should be the cornerstone on which a business should be built. Therefore, as a higher education institution offering a Bachelor programme, Master programmes and Executive Education programmes, the School considers it as its responsibility to empower students and executives with knowledge, skills and research. The overarching goal being to inspire future leaders to think out of the box and to shape them into change agents who will solve sustainability issues in the world.

Berlin's Advisory Board

Among many sustainability projects, the School has an Advisory Board which aims to expand the community for Sustainable Business at ESCP Berlin Campus and advance this significant subject area within the European context. ESCP Berlin Campus is also now one of the first business schools to become a member of HOCHN - a German joint project which promotes the adoption of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in a network of higher education institutions.

Promote Sustainability on Campus

In an effort to further promote sustainability on campus, ESCP Berlin Campus is joining the Green Office Movement in September 2019. By launching its own Green Office, the School provides a platform for sustainability projects that empowers students and staff to integrate sustainability in the curriculum, operations, community and governance.

Berlin 2019 | Conference for Sustainable Innovation (SDGs)
Master in International Sustainability Management (MSc)
Master in Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Innovation (MSc)

For Students

Student Societies

Green Office
Our Projects

One of our long term projects is creating the first sustainability report of ESCP Berlin Campus as well as ensuring that all academic programs of the school increase the exposure of students to the topic of sustainability in their curriculum.

Green Office Projects - ESCP Business School - Berlin Campus

This year we are focusing on the following areas


  • Continuous introduction of the topic of sustainability throughout the whole Bachelor programme
  • Implementation of sulitest during induction days for all programs
  • Integration of case studies on sustainability in all disciplines / courses
  • Providing trainings to faculty on the topics of SDGs and curriculum


  • Revision of mobility policy of the school and setting realistic goals for the CO2 reduction
  • Development guidelines for sustainable events planning and catering


  • Improvement of transparency with all campuses of ESCP on the topic of sustainability
  • Creation of sustainable mission and vision for ESCP Berlin Campus
  • Development of the first sustainability report

Report 2022

Read through ESCP Berlin Campus' 2022 Sustainability Report to learn more about our efforts.

ESCP Berlin Campus
Sustainability Report 2022 [PDF]

Travel Policy

One of the major initiatives that the Green Office is heading regards the streamlining of ESCP-related travel by staff members and other associates. In terms of sustainability, flying is the most polluting method of travel and is therefore an area in which ESCP must address if it remains truly committed towards reducing its carbon footprint. We’ve dedicated our time to sorting through flight and train receipts in order to not only organize and digitize this information but also to calculate exactly how many tons of C02 for which our university is responsible. With this information, we will be better able to quantify our impact and suggest appropriate travel policy moving forward.

Travel Policy - Green Office Projects - ESCP Business School - Berlin Campus

Curriculum Change in the Bachelor in Management

The Green Office collaborates with students, professors and administrative staff of the ESCP to integrate sustainability knowledge and sustainable business practices in the Bachelor in Management. Sustainability is becoming more and more important for companies across businesses & industries, and we believe that it should be a part of every business degree.

Curriculum Change in the Bachelor in Management - Green Office Projects - ESCP Business School - Berlin CampusThe workshops with the Green Office have given me the opportunity to get involved in changing the way we learn about business at ESCP. Integrating components of sustainability into the curricula is something that I deem very important in today's world and being able to do this with a fun and outgoing group of people has been incredibly rewarding.”

Ella Brockhaus, 2nd year Bachelor in Management

Together with volunteers from the Bachelor programme, the Green Office generates, develops and evaluates ideas on how to implement key concepts of sustainability in the course modules. The workshops give students the opportunity to actively shape their university programme and emphasize the topics most important to them.


Vision and Mission Workshop (December 2019) - Green Office Projects - ESCP Business School - Berlin Campus

Vision and Mission Workshop
December 2019

In a workshop moderated by the Green Office the ESCP Berlin Campus students, professors and staff exchanged their ideas on the school's sustainable transition. The results were formulated in an elaborate vision and mission statement of ESCP Berlin Campus which will be integrated into our first sustainability report.

Workshop with Hoch-N Network: Sustainability Reporting December 2019 - Green Office Projects - ESCP Business School - Berlin Campus

Workshop with Hoch-N Network: Sustainability Reporting
December 2019

Together with our partners from Hoch-N network the Green Office conducted a workshop on sustainability reporting at ESCP Berlin. Representatives from ESCP Berlin Campus professors, students and staff identified the main focus areas for reporting and suggested ideas for our consultancy project group.

Curriculum Change with the Bachelor Programme January 2020 - Green Office Projects - ESCP Business School - Berlin Campus

Curriculum Change with the Bachelor Programme
January 2020

In a design-thinking workshop 3rd year Bachelor students together with the Green Office developed a series of propositions on how to update the curriculum of the programm and transversally include social and environmental challenges in the existing courses.

Curriculum Change Workshop with the ESCP Berlin’s Faculty - December 2020 - Green Office Projects - ESCP Business School - Berlin Campus

Curriculum Change Workshop with the ESCP Berlin’s Faculty
December 2020

In the latest workshop with the ESCP Berlin’s professors we discussed the need to integrate more sustainability in the courses. Specifically, we shared the Best Practice from our Hoch-N network partners on how they integrate sustainability in teaching, we talked about possible barriers for curriculum change and how to overcome them and we learned students’ perspective on why they think ESCP needs to make such a transition.

About Us

Green Office Team - ESCP Business School - Berlin Campus

Our Vision

ESCP Berlin Campus’s Green Office empowers Students, Staff and Faculty Members to become pioneers in sustainability.

Our Mission

The Green Office coordinates the process for a sustainable development of ESCP Business School by providing organisational structures and connecting different stakeholders with the common goal to promote and implement sustainable practices. Our fields of action are Governance, Teaching, Research, Operations and Community Engagement.

Get Involved

If you want to push for sustainability and become part of the Green Office, reach out to us via E-mail: greenoffice@escp.eu or visit us in the Student House at ESCP Berlin Campus.