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3 Academic Key Areas

In Berlin, ESCP Business School’s DNA is inherently cross-cultural and European, while focussing on diversity management, as its five other counterparts situated in capital cities around Europe. The School in Germany builds atop ESCP’s solid foundation of 200 years of management education with three pillars making the institution unique: entrepreneurship, sustainability and digitalisation.

These academic key areas are the essence of what students of ESCP learn, live and apply when studying at the Berlin campus.

Countering the image of a traditional Business School, ESCP Berlin applies its principle of “Designing Tomorrow” by showing future leaders how entrepreneurship and sustainability can harmonise together; preserving the planet and developing sustainable solutions through entrepreneurship requires not only dedication, but a talent for innovation.

In a world where technology, artificial intelligence, big data and social media continue to excel exponentially, the campus’ spirit with matters of digitalisation fosters creativity, flexibility and high adaptability necessary for students to succeed in the job market.

Explore this page for a better insight into these three academic key areas.