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Master of Science (MSc) in SALES 4.0 -
Master in International Sales Management
Become an expert for the most fundamental and important activity of any business in times of digital transformation and increasing competition


Objectives of the programme

Many of today’s best career opportunities are international, enhanced through the digitization of the business world. As more and more companies go global, it’s getting harder to be successful without cultural intelligence. This may be especially true in sales. Therefore, learning how to build close relationships with colleagues and customers from a multitude of different cultures is becoming a core sales and marketing competency.

As a student in Berlin and Paris, two of Europe’s most vibrant, multicultural cities, studying with students from many different countries, and taught by ESCP’s global faculty, you won’t have to wait to start your international career.

The art of sales is also undergoing a deep transformation due to digitalization. Words such as artificial intelligence, big data, the Internet of things, social media, to mention a few, have become and will continue to be staples in salespeople's lives.

By the time you are finished with this two-year, full-time programme at one of the world’s most European and international business schools, you will have already worked in a multinational setting, and gained the knowledge and skills you need to succeed as an international sales and marketing manager both in a globalized and digitalized world.

After finishing my bachelor degree in International Management, I started my own business specializing on the sublease of cinema screens. This showed me that more expertise in sales will be crucial to develop my future ideas.

The result of my research was that ESCP understood the need of well-educated sales managers and offered a similar study program. Therefore, I'm convinced that I have made the right decision to study such a unique master at ESCP.

I could imagine to work as a consultant for some years before I move on to launch my own business. Sales as an academic discipline is applicable to many fields.”

Sell to the world

In your classes, you will learn about the importance of sales, a core operational activity of any business. You will also learn about general management and marketing topics. All this will be done from a cross-cultural perspective and the latest advancements of the sales function with regards to artificial intelligence, big data, and further concepts. You will have a better understanding of why sales tends to be a faster track (often the fastest) to the executive suite than most other functions, and be given individual coaching to develop your presentation and communications skills.
In addition, real-life consulting projects with major companies and individual sessions with ESCP career counsellors will help you decide which sector and what kind of role would be right for you.

Participants’ background

  • Management / Business: 55%
  • Economics: 18.5%
  • Marketing / Communication: 11%
  • Political science: 4%
  • Language / Literature: 4%
  • Others: 7.5%



59% women

41% men

EU 74% – French, Italian, German
Non-EU 35% – Colombia, Hong Kong, Russia, India, China, Kazakhstan, South Korea, Dominican Republic


Class of 2020

Class of 2021


European Academic Director

Frank JACOB - ESCP Faculty

Prof. Dr. Frank JACOB

Professor in Department of Marketing

Dr. rer. pol. – Habilitation (German acad. qual. for Ph.D. supervisor)
Frank Jacob holds the Chair of Marketing at the Berlin Campus.
Research areas: International Business Environment, Marketing, Sales, Negotiation

ACQUIN Accreditation

ACQUIN LogoThe SALES 4.0 - Master in International Sales Management programme is accredited by ACQUIN [DE] and state recognised under German regulation.

ACQUIN Akkreditierung

About ESCP's MSc

The choice of a full-time MSc corresponds to a professional project and gives young graduates and young managers a combination of high-value skills sought by recruiters.
This programme provides academic expertise and presentation of the best professional practices. Our goal is to train experts who will be rapidly able to progress in a globalized world. Choosing a "Full-Time Intensive" format allows, at the end of a short and dense tuition, to have an immediate access to decision-making leadership positions.


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Master of Science (MSc) in Strategy and Digital Business

This programme equips you with the digital skills you need, including programming, to understand this new landscape....

MSc (Master of Sciences)
2 years



Master of Science (MSc) in SALES 4.0 -
Master in International Sales Management

Connecting to the global customer

The SALES 4.0 - Master in International Sales Management (120 ECTS) programme will teach you how to reach customers across borders - in the online and offline world

The first term of this master programme, which takes place on ESCP’s Berlin campus, will give you a general understanding of sales techniques, markets and customers. You will have courses on marketing, consumer behaviour, market insights & data analytics and learn further critical sales skills such as negotiating and pricing.

In your second term in Berlin you will focus on sales force management and cross-cultural selling, as you develop new skills in quantitative electives such as financial reporting and managerial accounting. Latest advancements and the impact of artificial intelligence (AI), big data, social media, and the Internet of Things on the sales function will also be discussed.

During the third term, which takes place in Paris, the curriculum will focus on fields of channel and distribution management as well as on international marketing and trade. Topics such as international channel management & retailing 4.0, digital supply chain management, international marketing decisions and international law of distribution will be addressed.

For the start of the second year (term 4) you will return to Berlin campus. As a preparation for your MSc thesis, research methods will be taught, while classes on Management of change & organizational behavior will provide you with the necessary skills to succeed in an International environment. Electives with a strategic dimension as well as a company consultancy project will complete this term.

At the end of your studies (term 5 & 6), you will spend one term writing a thesis on a sales-related topic and during the final term, you will do an internship anywhere in the world - your first rung on the ladder of an international business career.

A two-year full-time programme

The programme begins in September and is organised as follow:

Course Modules

You have to be proficient in English to follow these courses.

Sales techniques
  • Selling & negotiations
  • Pricing
  • Digital marketing SALES 4.0
Sales force management
  • Leadership in international sales
  • Digitizing the sales process
Channels & distribution
  • International channel management & retailing 4.0
  • Digital supply chain management
  • International management
    • International management
    • Cross-cultural competence for sales
  • International marketing & trade
    • International marketing decisions
    • International law of distribution
  • Understanding markets & customers
    • Marketing environment in a global and digital world
    • Consumer behaviour & organizational buying
  • Electives (4 to be chosen)
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Economics for managers
    • Corporate finance
    • Management control
    • Financial accounting
    • Strategy
    • Business information systems
    • Business ethics
    • Service management
  • Research & consultancy
    • Research methods
    • Managing complexity
    • Management of change & organizational behaviour
  • Master Thesis for MSc


Prof. Frank JACOB
Frank JACOB - ESCP Faculty
Academic Director

Frank Jacob holds the chair of Marketing at the Berlin Campus.

Courses taught in the programme
  • Consumer behavior & organizational buying
  • Selling & negotiations
Prof. Kerstin ALFES
Kerstin ALFES - ESCP Faculty
Professor of Organisation and Human Resource Management, Berlin Campus

Kerstin Alfes is the Academic Director for the MBA in International Management at the Berlin Campus.

Courses taught in the programme
  • Leadership in international sales
Prof. Markus BICK
Markus BICK - ESCP Faculty
Professor of Business Information Systems, Berlin Campus

Research: Knowledge management, e-learning, convergent systems, ambient intelligence, simulation.

Courses taught in the programme
  • Research Methods (together with Prof. Wilken)
Prof. Valentina CARBONE
Valentina CARBONE - ESCP Faculty
Professor of Supply Chain Management, Paris Campus

Research: Sustainable and green supply chain management, CSR and sensemaking.

Courses taught in the programme
  • Supply chain management (together with Prof. Moatti)
Prof. Hsin-Hsuan Meg LEE
Hsin-Hsuan Meg LEE - ESCP Faculty
Professor of Marketing, Paris Campus

Research: Corporate communications and interactions with consumers on the internet.

Courses taught in the programme
  • Digital Marketing  
Claudia MÜLLER
Claudia MÜLLER - ESCP External Professionals
Affiliate Professor, Berlin Campus

Claudia Müller is a consultant, trainer and lecturer with a focus on international, intercultural collaboration and leadership as well as international organisational development. Founder of CIM Consulting.

Courses taught in the programme
  • Management of change
  • Cross-cultural competences for sales
Prof. Nathalie PRIME
Nathalie PRIME - ESCP Faculty
Professor of International marketing and cross-cultural management at ESCP, Paris Campus

Chair of the European Department of Marketing at ESCP across 5 country campuses (Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Torino).

Courses taught in the programme
  • Cross-Cultural Management and Sustainability
Prof. Martin SCHMIDT
Martin SCHMIDT - ESCP Faculty
Professor of Financial Reporting and Audit, Berlin Campus

Martin Schmidt joined ESCP in January 2013, when he became chairholder of the newly set-up Chair of International Accounting on the Berlin Campus.

Courses taught in the programme
  • Financial Accounting
Prof. Robert WILKEN
Robert WILKEN - ESCP Faculty
Professor of International Marketing, Berlin Campus

Robert Wilken teaches Marketing and Quantitative Methods in graduate programmes and PhD programmes.

Courses taught in the programme
  • Pricing
Jane S. NIKOLITSCH - ESCP External Professionals
Affiliate lecturer, Berlin Campus

Managing Director and founder of YOUNICORN Media GmbH

Courses taught in the programme
  • Tailored Marketing
Prof. Barnim Jeschke
Prof. Barnim Jeschke - ESCP
Affiliate lecturer, Berlin Campus

Research: Decision-making in complex situations, sustainable management, business development, innovation management; Consultant, Entrepreneur, Professor at FOM Munich.

Courses taught in the programme
  • Market insights & Data analytics
Gaudry Catherine
Gaudry Catherine - ESCP Guest lecturer, Berlin Campus
Guest lecturer, Berlin Campus

Group Head Talent and Transformation & International Business Director at Scholz & Friends Group

Courses taught in the programme
  • Career Development
Prof. Paul Lapoule
Prof. Paul Lapoule - ESCP
Academic dean of the programme, Paris Campus
Teacher Researcher and PHD supervisor at ESCP Europe

Group Head Talent and Transformation & International Business Director at Scholz & Friends Group

Fields of expertise
  • Marketing, Strategic Marketing, International Marketing, Retail Marketing, Retailing, Merchandising, Sales Forces Management, Negotiation, Case studies method teaching
Prof. Houdou Basse Mama
Prof. Houdou Basse Mama - ESCP
Professor of Finance, Berlin Campus

He holds the Chair in International Financial Markets. His teaching interests include international financial markets, international finance, empirical finance, asset/portfolio management, and sustainable finance.

Prof. Vincent Smith
Prof. Vincent Smith - ESCP Assistant Professor, London Campus
Assistant Professor, London Campus

Vincent is an assistant professor in law and ethics at ESCP Europe and has been an English solicitor for over 20 years, practising regulatory (competition), commercial and EU law in both London and in Brussels.

Prof. Rolf Brühl
Prof. Rolf Brühl - ESCP
Professor of Business Ethics and Management Control, Berlin Campus

Academic Director of the Doctoral Programme at ESCP Business School Berlin.

Marc Paternot
Marc Paternot - ESCP Affiliate lecturer, Berlin Campus
Affiliate lecturer, Berlin Campus

Lecturer at various business schools (ESCP Europe, NEOMA Reims, Hochschule Düsseldorf, ISM Dortmund) Marc Paternot is also currently a Marketing PhD Student and possesses a rich professional experience at leading international companies across Europe. His expertise lies in Brand Management, Key Account Management and Business Strategy

Prof. Marion Festing
Prof. Marion Festing - ESCP
Professor of Human Resource Management and Intercultural Leadership, Berlin

Academic Director of the Talent Management Institutes (TMI) and Academic Director of the Excellence Centre for Intercultural Management (CIM).

Company Consultancy Projects
Experiential learning

You will accomplish a Company Consultancy Project during the SALES 4.0 - MSc in International Sales Management programme, which allows you to put into practice the concepts acquired in the classroom. The projects provide students with collaborative and intercultural work experience on a case supplied by a company.

In groups of 4-5, students are expected to perform an in-depth analysis and make recommendations for actions that can realistically be implemented by the company.
At the heart of the programme, the Company Consultancy Projects are a key element of the programme that enables students to get to know a sector or a specific function. They require significant commitment and focus from the students.

Through the Company Consultancy Project, students learn how to work efficiently as a team and hone their skills in:

  • Project planning and management
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Development of hypotheses and recommendations
  • Customer service
  • Public speaking and presentations

Within the framework of the Company Consultancy Projects, dedicated workshops are carried out such as:

  • Client interaction
  • Presentation skills

Throughout the project, tutoring is provided by an ESCP professor.
Students learn how to approach an issue with a critical mindset, and how to react swiftly in unexpected situations with a creative and open-minded attitude.

Some Partner Companies

BBVA – BNP Paribas – Capco – Deloitte – Eaton – EXPOFRANCE 2025 – GE Capital – Hydrogen – IBM – Indeu capital – Inditex (Zara) – Indra – International SOS – Interserve – Larousse – Lavazza – LVMH – Orange – Paul UK – Pernod Ricard – Porsche Design – Santer Reply – Telefónica – Vodafone

Examples of Company Consultancy Projects
  • Benchmark and blueprint for an International Graduate Programme (utilities, HR)
  • City launching of Urban Ninja in Spanish market
  • Development and implementation of online business for commercialisation
  • Development of a CSR strategy
  • Development of an innovative B2B online portal
  • Feasibility study to set up a commercial subsidiary: services, organisation and financial model
  • Global mobility of highly skilled professionals
  • Global supply chain and distribution model (retail chain)
  • Growth opportunities in the digital technologies sector in Europe
  • Identify growth opportunities for category portfolio products
  • Portfolio strategy and dealflow identification (private equity fund, India luxury market)
  • SME lending in Europe. New scoring model analysis (banking, innovation)
  • Study of business intelligence in the field of "fast moving consumer health" at European level
  • Telemedicine and return on investment: a real case modelling and evaluation
  • The future of newspapers, books and magazines (publishing industry)
  • The new online shop: benchmark and suggestions
  • Transforming London’s precious metal OTC market: feasibility report
  • Valvetrain footprint optimisation: how to secure profitable regional growth

Professional mission
A professional mission in the form of an in-company internship of at least 3 months.

From May to July of the second year, students must complete an in-company internship of at least 3 months. The internship is an opportunity for practical application of the theoretical concepts learned from courses, with an eye to establishing a career.

Corporate Services

The Corporate Services are dedicated to gather placement offers from many companies. The department also organises a series of fairs involving firms, giving MSc students many opportunities to get in contact with companies and organisations.

Professional thesis
Writing and defending a professional thesis

Starting in February of the second year, you must draft a professional thesis in consultation with an ESCP Professor, which is based on the course “research methods” (term 4). The topic chosen is approved beforehand by an academic advisor. The thesis is defended orally to a committee between June and July. This individual applied research project is an essential part of the programme since it leads to in-depth analysis. It represents 20 of the total of 120 ECTS credits earned over the two years.


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Master of Science (MSc) in SALES 4.0 -
Master in International Sales Management

Global business is big and getting bigger all the time. In 1950, cross-border trade represented about 20% of global production. Today, it’s over 50%.* As a graduate with a SALES 4.0 - Master in International Sales Management degree from ESCP, you’ll be well placed to take a position as an international sales executive for a multinational company, an international key account manager, or a country sales director.
*Our World in

The first two intakes of the MSc in International Sales Management, 57 participants from more than 15 countries, already completed the programme successfully. They are now part of the ESCP more than 50,000 member alumni network in 150 countries.

Constance PFEIFFER – Master of Science (MSc) in
         International Sales Management - ESCP


Constance PFEIFFER
Class of 2018


Through this study programme I discovered my passion for sales optimisation and pricing strategy in an international environment. My goal is to become a successive and praised consultant in a prestigious consultancy, so I could transfer, share and apply my knowledge to important multinational/international companies in order to help them growing in a profitable and a sustainable way.

Alejandra RIVAS – Master of Science (MSc) in
         International Sales Management - ESCP


Alejandra RIVAS
Class of 2019


The Master of International Sales Management at ESCP offers a truly international atmosphere where it is possible to learn and develop intercultural competences that are necessary in a globalized world.

Michael KERKHOFF – Master of Science (MSc) in
         International Sales Management - ESCP


Class of 2019


This master progamme helped me a lot to acquire deep knowledge about working in a sales organization. Due to business games implemented in our studies and courses with industry experts, I gained many practical insights which will help me to become a successful sales manager. Futhermore, I made friends for life.


What companies say


Dr. Gregor MATTHIES, Partner at Bain & Company

Dr. Gregor MATTHIES, Partner at Bain & Company

Dr. Gregor Matthies is a partner at Bain & Company in Munich and heads the European Automobile practice group. His expertise extends to the automotive sector and the aerospace industry. He mainly acquired his wide consulting experience through strategy development, organizational and restructuring projects for a range of international companies and in the private equity area.

What is your assessment of the regional and global need for salespeople?

Both the regional as well as the global need for salespeople will increase sharply in the next few years. One reason for that is that products are converging more and more from their substance and it is becoming increasingly important to have differences explained by an appropriately qualified salesperson and familiarise the customer with them - online, offline or by a combination of both.

In your opinion, what professional opportunities do I have as a graduate from this course of study at a company like Bain & Company and why would you hire me in particular?

The possibilities of being employed at Bain & Company are very good with a corresponding international qualification as offered here at ESCP. Of course we also attach great value to excellent marks and the personality of the candidate.

We are primarily interested in recruiting employees who are knowledgeable in sales, as there are more and more topics in our project and customer portfolio that need to be dealt with.

In your view, which professional opportunities do I have as a graduate of this course of study in the automotive industry?

I see great opportunities for graduates in the car industry as well for graduates of this course of study. As vehicles are becoming increasingly less differentiated and the objective criteria like quality and workmanship become more and more alike, it becomes increasingly important for these products to be appropriately positioned, actually marketed and provided with a relevant marketing message. In this respect, a combination of marketing and sales with the knowledge of the various channels that are now available is a real asset. The automotive sector therefore urgently needs well trained salespeople.


Jochen BÖRINGER, Partner at McKinsey & Company

Jochen BÖRINGER, Partner at McKinsey & Company

Jochen Böringer is a partner at McKinsey & Company and has 15 years’ experience in commercial excellence topics, eight of which in consulting and seven in the industry. He is a leader in European marketing and sales activities in chemistry, energy, basic materials as well as oil and gas.

What do you think makes the course "International sales Management" at ESCP special and therefore desirable?

To me, the International Sales Management course is a good choice because it combines practical sales skills with a sound academic education. At the same time, the Master places emphasis on relationship skills and has a very strong international connection, which is important for the future in the field of sales.

What is your assessment of the regional and global need for salespeople?

The need for highly-qualified salespeople is increasing, from our point of view. At McKinsey we will be appointing even more marketing and sales experts in the coming year. But we also see many possibilities in industry. Also, the profile of a successful sales leader will be changing.

Routine tasks will become increasingly automated, and sales will become increasingly professionalised through the use of digital technologies and advanced analytics. Graduates with a focus on sales management should therefore have excellent career opportunities.

What professional opportunities do I have as a graduate from this course of study at your company and why would you hire me in particular?

At McKinsey, we focus our marketing and sales expertise in what we call Marketing & Sales Practice. Here we appoint applicants directly from the university. We are looking for people who have already gained relevant marketing and sales experience during their studies and internships. That also applies to graduates from this course of study.


Build your career

ESCP gives you the opportunity to leverage events, tools and guidelines to efficiently manage your Career process after the end of your Master.

The Careers Service

Prepare your Career Plan

The Careers Service supports you in preparing a well-structured Curriculum Vitae and Cover Letter in order to strongly increase your chances to have an impact on companies. In addition, it also provides you with a structured method and process to prepare a Career Plan, in order to build and start an efficient and effective job-seeking strategy.

Job Fairs and Recruitement Day

Of particular relevance are the Job Fairs and Recruitement Day organised by the ESCP Careers Service on each campus. Thanks to these huge events you have the opportunity to directly get in touch with HR and Line Managers of leading companies.

The Alumni Network

Once you have completed your  Master, you have the opportunity to be part of the Alumni Network that updates ex-students about newest Internship and Job offers for the national and international business environment.


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MSc (Master of Sciences)
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Master of Science (MSc) in SALES 4.0 -
Master in International Sales Management



Under the special circumstances created by the COVID-19 pandemic, all admission exam sessions organised by the Berlin Campus will take place online. The dates and times listed in the admission exam calendar below remain the same.

We are doing everything possible to minimise the impact the current circumstances will have, while continuing to maintain the highest health standards.

Our teams will remain available to reply to your questions, and will be in touch as soon as new information becomes available.


  • A Bachelor degree with a minimum of 180 ECTS from a state accredited institution of Higher Education i.e university
  • A university background preferably in economics, social or natural science, or engineering
  • *(Students from a non-business/economics background are required to participate in a preparatory course prior to the start of the programme. This course includes the fields Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Economics and Controlling)
  • Fluency in English: TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS scores or English test on campus
  • Work experience not required (if given, a maximum of 2 years is recommended)


24h Profile Check

You are not sure whether you fit the requirements or not? Try our 24h Profile Check. Send me an email with your CV and your transcript of records and I will get back to you within one working day - for free.
>> CHECK MY PROFILE FOR FREE IN 24H (on working days)



Step 1: Application form

Applications are made online (admission platform opens October 2019). After having created your account, please choose "Master - Master of Sciences" in the "Admission" section.

Admission process

To apply for the SALES 4.0 - Master in International Sales Management programme you have to submit the following documents:

  • Letter of motivation (half page)
  • Photocopy of passport or identity card
  • Your resume (curriculum vitae)
  • Transcripts of records of all years of higher education (certified copies) and current weighted average mark and/or expected final grade
  • Bachelor degree - if you hold it already - original or certified copy


  • The score on a standardized English language test, dated no later than 2 years ago
  • GMAT score (only mandatory for the online application process - see below)

Step 2: Personal Interview

Tests and personal interview at the Berlin Campus

Candidates who have successfully passed the Background evaluation will  be invited to the admission test at the Berlin Campus. The test consists of:

  • Online deductive and numerical logic test (you will find more information and examples here)
  • Individual interview
  • English test (written, oral)
  • Applicants whose first language is English or who provide the result of a standardized language test not older than two years are exempt (TOEFL written 600; TOEFL IBT 100; TOEFL computer based 250; IELTS 7)

​In exceptional circumstances, e.g. for students living outside of Europe, we offer an online application process:
Applicants will be tested in the same fields. Therefore - in addition to a video interview with the applicant - we require a GMAT test result* and the score of a standardized English language test (if English is not the first language).
*should you not be able to provide a GMAT result in time please contact us.

Step 3: Confirmation

Candidates will be admitted on rolling base.


Admission Calendar

Admission platform open now. 

There is a limited capacity for testing candidates on our admission test day in Berlin. In case all slots are filled, candidates are offered an alternative testing date instead.

Please contact Martina Seikat (Programme Manager) for more information.

Test Day
(at ESCP Berlin)
17 Nov 2019 6 Dec 2019
26 Jan 2020 14 Feb 2020
15 Mar 2020 2-3 Apr 2020
19 Apr 2020 4 May 2020
24 May 2020 8 Jun 2020
12 Jul 2020 24 Jul 2020

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Master of Science (MSc) in SALES 4.0 -
Master in International Sales Management
Fees & Financials


Application Fees

The application fees are set at €130. Registration fees are non-refundable.


A payment of €25,500 is due for the two-year programme.

A non-refundable down-payment of €2,000 is due four weeks after admission.

The remaining fees are due in four instalments on the following key dates:

  • First instalment: September 1st 2020
  • Second instalment: January 1st 2021
  • Third instalment: June 1st 2021
  • Fourth instalment: January 1st 2022

Funding and Scholarships

Applications for the specialised masters scholarships are now open. Download the documents below, fill out the scholarship application form in English and submit them to the programme manager for the SALES 4.0 | Master in International Sales Management, Martina Seikat.

The scholarship amount is €7,500.
Deadline for submission is June 1st, 2020.

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