A study conducted by Stanford University recognized Professor Andreas Kaplan as one of the world's most-cited researchers. Looking at several indicators, this study analyzed data from 1996 through 2019, covering ~7 million scientists in 22 major fields ranging from chemistry to engineering to economics and business.

In the sub-area "business and management," Kaplan ranked among the top 500 of the world's more than 35000 researchers in the field. "We discovered this study by accident, and seeing my name listed was quite a surprise to me. I am all the happier to be part of this ranking," said Rector Andreas Kaplan of the study.

Andreas Kaplan is best known for his work in social media, especially for his article "Users of the World, Unite!" co-authored with Professor Michael Haenlein, in which they define and classify social media. More recently, Kaplan is interested in the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the business world and society at large.

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