Conference Report
The Future of The Coporate University

ESCP and the Corporate University Club organised an international conference devoted to the Future of the Corporate University.

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In a context of disruptive changes in the business world where upskilling and reskilling are at the top of the agenda of companies, Learning & Development professionals have to reinvent the way they work in order to make possible this business transformation.

This conference brought together some of the best specialists in Learning and Development coming from both the academic and business worlds. A unique moment to exchange, reflect and design the new track of the Corporate University.

Opening Session
The Strategic Role of Corporate Universities

Frank Bournois’s presentation (Executive President & Dean, ESCP Business School)

Plenary Session
Shaping the Future of Corporate Universities

For the next decade, what should be the evolving role of Corporate Universities? How to evolve their scope within & even beyond the organization? Will they become catalysts of “learning organizations” and how? What existing & emerging trends will enable tomove from programmes to “lifelong learning”? How should Business Schools & Corporate Universities partner to create this “new world of education & learning” for companies?


Philippe Bonnet (Essilor), Marisa Eboli (Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil), Simon Mercado (ESCP), Alexia de Monterno (Merieux), Steven Smith (EFMD)

Workshop 1
Learning communities, peer-to-peer training, distance learning:
How will these new learning techniques be shaping the future of learning?

This workshop analysed all new educational approaches outside the classic lecture formats. What are the main structural trends that will emarge for the future? How can we better use them to boost learning in our organisations?


Benoit Auger (Slabb), José Ramon Cobo (ESCP Business School), Julien Fanon (Accenture), Monica Huang (Danone), Catherine Lauryssen (Michelin), Thierry Picq (Em Lyon)

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Workshop 2
The new place of the individual in learning

Are the profound changes in access to knowledge and the strong autonomy of individuals compatible for companies with a good preparation of the skills of the future? How can corporate universities reposition themselves at this level? Generate meaning? Engage learners efficiently and in duration?


Céline Cussac (Natixis), Cécile Dejoux (CNAM & ESCP), Jean-Roch Houllier (Safran)

Workshop 3
Unleashing Team learning, the “strong link” of learning organizations

How could Corporate Universities foster “Team learning” – one of the 5 disciplines of learning organizations according to Peter Senge – to transform the ways of learning for more impact?


Thierry Bonetto (Learning Futures), Jean-Luc Guillou (GERME, SOL - Society for Organizational Learning), Isabelle Mancel (Thales), Véronique Tran (ESCP)

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Workshop 4
Learning in remote and hybrid environments:
the challenge of performance and well-being

The world of work is transforming faster than ever before. Companies are challenged to stay productive, keep learning and preserve the well-being of their people in remote and hybrid environments. What can corporate universities do to enhance the culture of learning and redesign the organisations to fit the new working world?


Almudena Canibano (ESCP), Pedro Gonzalo (Société Générale), Evgeny Lukin & Tyra Malzy (JLL), Daniela Proust (Siemens)

Plenary Session
The performance of the Corporate University

Since corporate universities have a major role in contributing to performance, they must themselves be exemplary in demonstrating the return on investment (often significant) that they represent. The measurement of this performance presupposes the mastery of three essential factors: the evaluation of training, the measurementof the materialization of acquired skills and the effectiveness of the skills paths associated with training.


Laurent Cappelletti (CNAM), Laurent Choain (Mazars), Sylvie Dangelser & François Debois (L'Oréal)

Workshop 5
Advances in behavioural sciences will accelerate the effectiveness of training

This session identified some key avenues in what this will happen! This workshop analysed the latest discoveries in behavoural sciences and identified how these innovations can help the most in to improve the learning experienc ein our corporate world


Dana Allen (Air Liquide), Etienne Bressoud (BVA Nudge Unit), Alexia Cordier (Fifty), Nadège Riehl (Schneider)

Workshop 6
The Future leader - leading in the future:
new trends in top executive development

Which skills needed to face the new challenges andhow to help our leaders to face them? New competency models and new practices in the development of leaders and future leaders.


Christie Chambers-Deydier (Thales), Delphine Paulet-Jumelle (Mazars), Dominique Pépin & Chiara Succi (ESCP), Diarmuid Smith (Craft Capital)

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Workshop 7
Ai & positive use of data: towards an "augmented learning organisation"?

How AI and Data can transform our learning policies & practices, to enable a "customized development for all" (at individual level), and the steering of learning for more impact (at organieational level).


Patrick Benammar (Renault), Thierry Bonnetto (Learning Futures), Denis Florean (IBM), Yannick Meiller (ESCP)

Workshop 8
The most important pedagogical innovation for successful learning

Determine the Top 10 pedagogical innovations that will change the dynamics of learning in our universities!


Aude Schiava-Fourcade & Laurence Nottelet (AFPA), Michel Barabel (IEP Paris)

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Looking at the future of Coporate Universities:
New Challenges, New Development & New Organisations

Concluding remarks and opening questions - the need to keep the collaboration in our industry.


Thierry Bonetto (Learning Futures), Adilson Borges (Carrefour & President of the Club of Corporate Universities), Jean-Roch Houllier (Safran), Catherine Lauryssen (Michelin), Evgeny Lukin (JLL), Dominique Pépin(ESCP), Nadège Riehl (Schneider)