At the beginning of this academic year, the ESCP Turin Campus Career Service asked MIM and MBA students to answer a survey about their expectations for their future careers. Chiara Succi, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior, shared her opinions on what has emerged from the results of the survey, offering a clear picture of the “Covid Generation’s” needs and expectations.

Deloitte 2021 report on Millennials stated that they are ready to return. “While making the best of an unprecedented situation, these generations are eager to regain the freedoms lost during the pandemic. Their responses suggest they’ll try to make up for lost time by being more active than they were before COVID-19 slowed the world down, which bodes well for economic recovery.” 

The millennial generation and Gen Z have very different characteristics from the previous generation.  Therefore, companies that want to recruit these generations cannot rely on previous assumptions, but they need to communicate with them and must have a strategy to attract them.

Thus, at the beginning of the 2021-22 academic year, we asked our MIM and MBA students to share their expectations and motivation regarding their future careers. We collected approximately 140 responses.

We discovered pragmatic and courageous answers, probably justified by the uncertain job market out there. Among their main career drivers there are Salary and benefits and Career Visibility. Also, key values, such as Embracing personal values, Diversity and inclusion and Sustainability scored very high. They would like to work in an international environment and they are open to working in a start-up.

Surprisingly, considering their age, the vast majority have a clear idea regarding the industry and the function in which they would like to work. Moreover more than 55% declared that they would consider founding their own start-up.