As an international business school keen to create solid links to launch its students’ careers, ESCP is always looking for new ways to connect its community with top companies and fast-growing start-ups.
After more than two years of online events, the Turin Campus organised the first ESCP career fair in person. Recruiters have been more than happy to get back to face-to-face interviews after a long time of online interactions with candidates, although the onsite fair was combined with a digital one.

In fact, in 2022, ESCP Turin Campus Corporate Relations & Career Service team offered students and alumni a wider range of opportunities to get in touch with recruiters of various industries.
ESCP Turin Campus hosted its first-ever phygital Career Fair and the second edition of the Food and Beverage Recruiting days. Many international firms attended the ESCP events, competing to find the ideal candidate for internships and permanent jobs.

The sum of these events led to surprising results in terms of numbers:

  • 1318 students
  • 68 companies
  • 148 recruiters
  • 221 job offers
  • 5020 applications received


The ESCP Turin Campus 2022 Career Fair was a blend of virtual and in-person interaction with representatives from 48 top international companies.
We doubled the event in a hybrid format open to all ESCP Business School students.
The job fair was divided into two parts: the 3rd and 4th of March onsite, at the ESCP Turin Campus, Arnaldo da Brescia site, and from the 8th to the 18th of March online on the dedicated TalentSpace platform.

The Career Fair welcomed a significant number of companies from a variety of sectors and industries, such as Consulting (19%), Finance (16%), Information Technology (14%) and Manufacturing (14%). However, the most represented sector was Consumer Goods (27%), headed by Food & Beverage and Fashion & Luxury companies, both represented by five brands.  

2022 Connection Event - attending companies

One of the ingredients of the success of the 2022 Connection Event was our terrific team of community managers: Crystal Rodriguez, Eijmert van der Meij, Gennaro Francesco Lucchino, Giacomo Burzio, Guillaume Chapalain, Riccardo Zanini, Simonetta Vana, Diletta Sveva Tamagnone.

The companies' representatives greatly appreciated their commitment and enthusiastic participation. Being a community manager gave students responsibilities and a new chance for growth.

"As a community manager, I interacted with attending companies by welcoming and supporting them throughout the day. I learnt to be an attentive listener to the company representative's requests to ensure their experience was smooth. Adaptability and punctuality were essential to establish a solid connection. Networking is not restricted to the activity of meeting new people but also helping, supporting and solving together unexpected situations that can contribute to generating unique connections," – said Gennaro Francesco Lucchino, BSc student.

"Being invested in the role of Community Manager gave me the possibility of attending the round tables from a completely different point of view. First, as an assistant to the companies' representatives, I was able to experience the social aspect of working in close contact with professionals. Second, as a student, I could discover different and unique prospectives that I had never considered before. These aspects came from the experiences shared by the representatives such as their career development, the different insights of each role inside a company, and so on. I also think the sessions and activities organised gave a huge boost in discovering each aspect of the working life and the possibility of encouraging curiosity, self-challenge and self-esteem," stated Giacomo Burzio, Master in Management student.

Another key element of the job fair was a large number of dedicated Round Tables that gave students valuable insights into brand culture, career paths and the hiring process.

I really appreciated the possibility of a hybrid formula for these kinds of events. The career fair purpose is to allow the students to create a bond with the companies’ representatives, and this can only be reached through direct interaction with them. The starting point is the most difficult step due to students’ inexperience and a small dose of embarrassment. Based on a face-to-face approach, an onsite event can enable all individuals to go beyond their limits and improve themselves in preparation for their future careers. The online event supports the students in reconfirming and/or improving the relationship with the single professionals,” added Giacomo.

The Connection Event was an amazing opportunity to learn, discover and connect with the attending companies. During the event, I felt extremely energised and motivated as did my colleagues. We were eager to meet and chat with our favourite companies. A fundamental takeaway from the event is that networking is the most significant element of career development. Networking is the key that will open doors you never thought about,” concluded Gennaro.

Community managers

Food & Beverage Recruiting Days

In Turin, ESCP Business School is characterised by a strong link with the Italian business community and “Made in Italy” excellence. One of the key academic areas of the Turin Campus is Food and Beverage Management, and this sector offers huge managerial opportunities and challenges and many emerging new trends.

This is why the Turin campus organises an online job fair entirely dedicated to companies in the F&B industry the 5th and 6th of April.

The second edition of the ESCP F&B Career Fair welcomed 214 students and 39 representatives from 20 companies. It was an excellent opportunity to meet and interview ESCP students and alumni interested in working in the sector: recruiters received 606 applications and held 227 interviews.

It was a unique chance for ESCP students and alumni to get to know companies in the F&B sector and to have one-to-one virtual interviews.

Food & Beverage Recruitment Days

The online part of the events engaged a larger number of students, who could participate from everywhere in the world and showcased the huge potential of talent acquisition in the digital age.

Both job fairs were so successful thanks to the commitment and passionate work of the Corporate Relations & Career Service team. Special thanks to Erica Brignolo, Sofia Baldissera, Marianella Rossaro, Maria Turreno, Michela Caria, Marco Dell'Endice, Silvia Pirozzoli.