ESCP Business School unveils new strategic axes dedicated to creating knowledge, equipping students for the future and serving society

One year after the announcement of the Choice & Experiences strategic plan for 2025, ESCP reveals new strategic axes anchored in the School's mission to train purpose-driven leaders and entrepreneurs at the service of society.

The business community is at the crossroads of a rapidly changing landscape. We find ourselves confronted by not one, but three major transformations: environmental, technological, and societal.

ESCP elevates research & knowledge creation for greater impact

ESCP’s new strategic axes seek to harness the potential of these transformations while addressing the challenges by focusing on new LIGhTS: L for leadership, I for innovation and entrepreneurship, G for geopolitics & business, T for tech and deep tech, and S for sustainability. H represents our humanistic values that will underscore the ESCP approach to leadership and learning across all disciplines.

ESCP will invest 5 million euros to create five accelerators for impact research and projects corresponding to the focus areas of new LIGhTS.

As business schools, we have a responsibility to be an active participant in this time of transformation and initiate a new pathway for a better future and society. Through these new strategic axes in education, research and partnerships, ESCP will shape the leaders who will navigate and contribute positively to these transformations.

Professor Léon LaulusaProfessor Léon Laulusa
ESCP’s Dean
and Executive President

The world’s oldest business school, ESCP is comprised of six European campuses in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Turin, and Warsaw as well as one branch campus in Dubaï. Today, the School counts 10,000+ students and 6,000 executive participants from 135 different nationalities in its community and is made up of 200 research-active professors representing over 33 nationalities across our six campuses.

ESCP boasts a comprehensive portfolio of 48 programmes: Bachelor, MiM, 28 Specialised Masters, MBA, 2 PhDs, 13 Executive Masters, EMBA, Global EPhD, as well as a custom and open programme offering as well as 145 academic alliances in Europe and the world in 48 countries.

The recruitment of new faculty will be essential to the future growth of our programmes and the development of the five accelerators. The School will prioritise recruitments that ensure diversity and the addition of new expertise with an understanding of the world of practitioners.

ESCP embraces its global learning experience

With three of ESCP’s programmes (EMBA, Master in Management, and Master in Finance) ranking top three in the world by the Financial Times in 2023, ESCP seeks to expand its reach and impact by embracing the School’s global development and extending the new LIGhTS strategic approach across all departments.

After launching a new MSc in Luxury Management spanning the Paris and Turin campuses, ESCP will continue to develop new programmes and educational opportunities, including the creation of a three-continent track for the Master in Management (MiM). 30 students from the MiM programme will have the opportunity to learn at two partner universities in Asia and North America during their studies.

As we move forward in our strategic vision for global development, we are focused on providing multicultural learning opportunities and a multitude of experiences that bridge continents and open worlds.

Professor Simon MercadoProfessor Simon Mercado
Executive Vice-President
and Dean for Global Affairs & Accreditations

Sustainability and inclusion will be at the core of these developments

ESCP will create a green mobility policy aligned with the School’s carbon accounting and footprint reduction plan. The School also provides 9 million euros in scholarships (including 65% for social inclusion - 24% “Grande Ecole” programme scholarships).

Above all, we are committed to ensuring our students flourish in this time of major transformation. Whether that means embracing new technologies, such as Generative AI, in order to prepare them for the future of work or putting in place safeguards for students’ mental well-being. In everything we do the student experience is top priority.

Professor Francesco RattalinoProfessor Francesco Rattalino
Executive Vice-President
and Dean for Academic Affairs & Student Experience

ESCP will embrace new technologies, in particular Generative AI, to develop a tool for collective intelligence, aggregating the knowledge within the school, for example, student thesis papers and research articles, as well as classroom materials to provide support for teaching and learning.

ESCP expands its walls and community

Continuing its commitment to impact, ESCP will launch in 2024 an Extension School dedicated to providing upskilling and reskilling opportunities for middle managers embarking on a career transformation. The ESCP Extension School will provide training courses and certifications delivered part-time and primarily online for maximum flexibility, with an initial focus on the technological and environmental transformations changing the professional world.

ESCP is also expanding within its own walls as the school undergoes significant renovations across its European campuses. In 2023, after more than 130 years on its historic campus, ESCP launched the renovation of the République campus and temporarily moved to the 17th arrondissement at Porte de Champerret for the duration of the project.

In September 2024, ESCP looks forward to inaugurating brand-new facilities on the Turin campus. In total, ESCP is investing 300 million euros in the renovation of its European campuses.

Our duty is to enable responsible leaders to succeed in transforming their organisations in the face of these major challenges. From our world-renowned Executive MBA and Global Executive PhD programmes to our custom offerings and the Extension School, we are providing leaders with not only the toolkit to succeed but the mindset and critical thinking skills that will make the difference.

Professor Véronique TranProfessor Véronique Tran
Executive Vice-President
and Dean for Executive Education


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