STAR Fundraising Campaign
An overview of our recent fundraising activities

ESCP STAR is currently fundraising for its major program of 2024, Sustainability Transformation Mindsets Course, which is to be launched in June. Read more about our past and current activities as well as fundraising ambitions, join our STARclub or STARnetwork and become a part of the change that the world really needs, bringing sustainability to the core of how we do business and engage in economic activity.

A brief ESCP STAR History

Our ESCP STAR journey began with the STARbowl #1 back in June 2023, the inaugural event that marked the unofficial launch of the center. From that point forward, the STAR's momentum has only intensified. The STARstudy, conducted in partnership with the Bertelsmann Foundation, has been yielding promising research results, laying the foundation for future exploration and collaboration. This study, a testament to the expertise of our Co-Founder and Academic Director, Professor Dr. Florian Lüdeke-Freund, will be unveiled in February 2024, already sparking a chain reaction of new ideas and projects.

September marked the 50th Anniversary of ESCP Berlin, and the STAR played a pivotal role in the celebration, organizing learning activities and a DIY mini-terrarium workshop. October, though relatively quiet, paved the way for two significant events: STARbowl #2, done in collaboration with the Borderstep Institute for Innovation and Sustainability, and the award ceremony for the STARessay competition, resulting in ESCP STAR’s first publication, a booklet of essays, culminating in the STAR Christmas Brunch.

While STARbowl #2 was extremely insightful, it is the STARessay competition that fills us with pride. This initiative aimed to amplify the voices of ESCP students, providing a platform for them to share their thoughts on bringing sustainability transformation to the core of businesses. To honor their efforts, we not only offered monetary prizes for best works, but also created a professionally-produced compilation of essays.

STARessay Competition

When we announced the STARessay competition, we had varying expectations about the number of submissions. What started as a humble estimate of around 10 essays turned into a resounding success with 30 submissions and almost 40 people participating solo or in teams. Each essay, a unique perspective born from diverse backgrounds and circumstances, made our selection process challenging. Our commission, composed of Charlotte Hillig, Director of Programs and Student Experience, John Koekert, Impact Entrepreneur in Regenerative Agriculture, Professor Dr. Florian Lüdeke-Freund, ESCP STAR Co-Founder & Academic Director, and Anastasia Shevchenko, ESCP STAR’s Development Director, spent several nights deliberating pros and cons of different perspectives, arguments, and stylistic choices proposed by our participating in the competition students.

In the end, we are proud to congratulate the following individuals for their works that truly stood out, with the 1st prize going to Yacine Cherraoui for the work titled “Espérance”, the 2nd prize awarded to Margaux Chevalier for the essay titled “Dear Status Quo”, and the 3rd prize given to Shani Terblanche for her essay “Nature’s Call: a Plea for Sustainable Corporate Change”. We would also like to add 3 honorary mentions to Eloise Lecocq for using fiction to tell a story behind the urgency of sustainability transformation, Federica Selvini exhibiting a remarkable achievement for a Bachelor student, and Eloi Van Eeckhout for his poetic take on the topic. In case you would like to get a copy of the STAR essay booklet, get in touch with us and we will be happy to provide you with information on how to receive it.

STARessay Award & Fundraising Event

Our commitment went beyond merely recognizing academic achievements of our students. We thus hosted the STAR Christmas Brunch, where sustainability experts and executives engaged in a dialogue with these students, who delivered the most compelling arguments and touching stories, receiving awards and recognition for their contributions. This event aimed to bridge academia and industry, bringing together several generations, inspiring positive change and furthering the conversation on sustainability transformation.

We firmly believe the STARessay competition, with the STAR essay booklet, as well as the resulting award ceremony and discussions at the Christmas Brunch, have created value for individuals, families, and businesses, fostering ripples of positive change with far-reaching impact. However, to sustain and expand our efforts, we need your support. While we received seed funding from the ESCP Foundation in Spring 2023, our funds have run low and for the ESCP STAR center to continue its existence, we need additional funds. Your support will empower us to continue our vision of enabling sustainability transformation in business and delivering enticing events and activities such as the STARessay competition with the resulting award ceremony and panel discussions at the Christmas Brunch.

STARcrowdfunding Campaign: Live until 31 January 2024

On our website, you can find details about our future plans, including the Sustainability Transformation Mindset Course—an essential initiative to approach sustainability holistically. We estimate the costs at €100,000-€150,000 and kindly ask for your contribution to make this vision a reality. To help us produce this course, together with other exciting events and initiatives, we ask for your donation. 

To make a gift, please use the following bank information.

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Alternatively, you can contribute to our STAR Crowdfunding Campaign. We invite you to join us in shaping a sustainable future!

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