After a two-year break because of the pandemic, the Ski Event is back!

Finally, from 5th to 8th of March, ESCP students and alumni can enjoy the winter sports and networking event organised on the stunning ski slopes of Sestriere, home of the 2006 Olympic Games.

Launched in 2011 by a group of friends driven by the same passion the Ski Event ESCP embraces and brings to life the core values of our school, offering an unforgettable experience to students, alumni and companies. 
The gathering is more than just about skiing: it’s about the mountains, outstanding events, relaxation and networking. The activity of the student society embodies teamwork, entrepreneurial spirit, adrenaline, internationality, and long-lasting relationships. 
The purpose is to unite students from all ESCP campuses, alumni, and sponsor companies in a unique experience.
We get to know the Ski Event ESCP Society and its activities in this interview:

What is the Ski Event ESCP? What are its founding pillars? 

The Ski Event ESCP Society is a student society that organises yearly an unforgettable 4-day event in the mountains, that involves skiing and having fun together. Our activities rest on three pillars: Sports, Fun and Networking. During the event, participants can practise sports together, enjoy two days of skiing and a ski competition. There are many opportunities to have fun indoors as well, with dinners and disco and club nights. The event is a great informal opportunity for networking, both with other students and sponsors. 
The team is made up of around 10-15 international and highly motivated students, who collaborate across different ESCP campuses to organise the Ski Event each year. 

ski event 2022

When, where and why was the Ski Event launched?  

The Ski Event was instituted more than 10 years ago, as an answer to the desire to organise an event that would unite students from all campuses with the same goal: skiing and having fun for four days in the mountains. 
Obviously, the proximity of the Turin campus to the mountains has helped, and numerous editions have been organised in Sestriere, and in France as well.

What is Eventures and why was it founded? 

Eventures is an incubator for ESCP’s extra-curricular activities: sports, networking, entertainment, events and leisure. It is the student-run company behind the Regatta, the Ski Event and the Golf Trophy. It was founded to regulate the various cash flows, as well as to have give them legal status. Eventures’ purpose is to support students in creating sporting events to unite alumni and professionals. These events offer an opportunity to enjoy ESCP Business School’s network in unique locations, expanding the community’s reach beyond traditional boundaries.

What are your next projects? 

The plan for the future is to further expand the number of participants. This year we received more than 400 registrations in just two days, a number that we absolutely did not expect and for which we were not logistically prepared. In the next few years, by organising them in time, it would be interesting to have events with more and more people.

ski event team

How can students join the Ski Event ESCP organisation team?

To become part of Ski Event ESCP organisation team, you need to sit all the interviews held at the beginning of the academic year (October-November).
Each student can remain on the team for a maximum of two years.
What are you waiting for? You could be next!

Student societies are an essential part of the experience of studying at ESCP. Involvement in extra-curricular activities and student associations is strongly encouraged by the business school as it is an essential part of personal well-being and professional development.