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During the last few months, for its first action, the new Student observatory for European citizenship (OECE) organized student consultations about Europe. Created in 2019 by two students of the school at the request of the Academic Director, the OECE aims to promote and embody the school European identity.

That is why, between August and November, new students from the MiM and BSc programs took part in the OECE consultations for Europe. This exercise gave them the opportunity to talk and make proposals for the future of the European Union about a topic they chose among the following ones : Food and agriculture, Monetary and budgetary stakes, Identity and citizenship, Trade and Industry, Defence, security and justice, Ecology and energy, Education, culture and sport, Social and health issues, External policies stakes: diplomacy and migrations, European institutions and EU project, Citizen protection and digital challenges.

In groups, the students wrote their thoughts about today’s Europe and their ideas for the Europe of tomorrow. By 2020, these proposals will be published and shared with the whole community of ESCP and outside the school.