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- Interview with Tristan Morvan, current student in the SALES 4.0 – Master in International Sales Management programme. -

Tristan was born in Paris, lived abroad in 5 countries, speaks 5 languages and traveled to more than 26 countries. If there were ever someone perfect to talk to about the importance of Europe and the benefits that come with studying at a European Business School, it would be him. Check out the video and read the interview where he defines what Europe is to him and why he chose to study at ESCP.

What are the advantages of studying at a European Business School?
My decision to study in a European environment was definitely driven by my desire to meet people of different cultures from all around the world. Studying at ESCP was the best option for me as I could pursue my studies in English and it also provided me with the opportunity to come into contact with such a diverse crowd of people. Nowadays embracing and understanding cross-cultural differences in business is so important because it really helps add value to your projects. To top that, among all the capital cities in Europe, I actually didn’t know Berlin so well, so that was also a new challenge that I welcomed.

Why did you choose ESCP?
I remember that right after completing my Bachelor’s degree I decided that ESCP would be my next step.  What intrigued me so much about the School was that it had several urban campuses in capital cities attended by such a great number of foreign students. As I was born in Paris, I primarily knew about ESCP from back home and I was aware that it has a good reputation in education and the quality of its professors as a school. Upon seeing the SALES 4.0 - Master in International Sales Management programme, I knew it was the path that I should follow as I have always been dedicated and interested in sales and international projects. Studying at the Berlin campus also motivated me to learn German as a new language. It’s another language that I can add to my portfolio along with Spanish, English, Japanese and French.

Now that I am a student in the programme, I really have to say that the broad range of different classes offered is such a motivational driver for me. We not only learn subjects that are directly sales-related but also different disciplines that a salesperson would come into contact with in the day-to-day work context such as corporate finance, pricing or digital marketing. I’m glad that we are able to take a step back and see the bigger picture of the overall business activities. With this programme, ESCP is not only moulding us into one-dimensional salespeople but rather into whole businessmen/women that will have leading positions in the future.

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