The leadership of tomorrow: how to effectively lead in healthcare

The leadership of tomorrow: how to effectively lead in healthcare Three leaders in the healthcare industry explain to ESCP students their different takes on what makes a person a good leader.

In management, leadership is characterised by the influence that an individual called a leader has on a group. In a group, the leader holds the command, takes the initiative, and leads the other members of the group by their ability to federate and mobilise around collective action.

In the 21st century, leadership is no longer only vertical and hierarchical but has become collaborative and based on the personal qualities and interpersonal relationships between the leader and their team.

Leadership only works if you have respect for the people you are trying to lead

- Jean-Jacques Bienaimé, CEO of Biomarin Pharmaceuticals

ESCP students delve into what it means to be a leader in healthcare today

Students of ESCP Business School’s Master of Biopharmaceutical Management in Paris wanted to discover what it is like to be a leader, how leadership is performed, and what makes a person a “good leader” in healthcare companies. During their course with Dr. Naji Gehchan on “Leadership in Healthcare”, the students organised and recorded meetings with three leaders in the industry:

Dries Hens, a young entrepreneur who is currently the co-founder and chief business and medical officer at Lynxcare, an all-in-one data platform for healthcare organisations looking to take control of their data and transform medical data into insights for hospitals, physicians and patients.

Jean-Jacques Bienaimé, CEO of Biomarin Pharmaceuticals since 2005, a leading biotech company specialised in rare diseases with a focus in genetics.

Olivier Nataf, the current president of AstraZeneca France, a global biopharmaceutical company that specialises in the discovery, development and commercialisation of prescription medicines.

These discussions were recorded in the form of a podcast and are available on, the podcast created by Dr. Gehchan to rethink love in leadership.

Our joint partnership with SpreadloveIO allows us to continue to nurture a special relationship with Naji Gehchan, a talented alumnus and sponsor of the current MSc. in Biopharmaceutical Management class, as well as showcasing some of the most successful career paths in our alumni community.

- Frédéric Jallat, Academic Director of the Advanced Master in Biopharmaceutical Management

Three different leaders with the same end goal

"We have such an important responsibility as leaders of today to plant the seeds for the leaders of tomorrow." - Naji Gehchan

Whether you work for a big company or a startup, your role as a leader should be the same: to inspire people and drive them in your direction of success. Those seeking success without asking questions are doomed to failure.

But if you focus on learning from your mistakes to improve your ideas, success is just a step away. Each and every successful leader in our world has had to overcome, adapt, and learn from mistakes they have made or roadblocks they have hit.

While some leaders only seek fame and money, some others seek a greater purpose: kind innovation for the greater good. Dries Hens with Lynxcare, Jean-Jacques Bienaimé with BioMarin and Olivier Nataf with AstraZeneca share this vision for their companies.

While they all have different styles of leadership, they each share the common goal in ensuring trust, care, love, and focus in their workplaces where every collaborator is free to be genuine and expressive and has the capacity to thrive.

For the full conversations with these leaders in healthcare, tune in to the recorded podcasts that are now available to listen and download on

The students have also gathered their insights together in one place. Download the white paper to discover the keys to success for leaders in healthcare.

Presented by Specialised Master in Biopharmaceutical Management - ESCP: Romane Blaise, Claude Cracan, Agathe Duchesne, Rym Aouchiche, Aya El Hallak, Victoria Gallicot, Corine Ghorayeb, Sally Hamzeh, Serena Massaad, Lisa Nabet, Paola Noujeim, Graciela Rabadán Moraes, Julie Travers.