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Francis C. Lang-Amiot (Class of 54) makes €1m donation to ESCP

As we approach the end of ESCP’s Bicentenary year, Francis C. Lang-Amiot has announced that he will be making a donation of €1 million to the School.

Alumnus of the Class of 1954, and Founder of and a major donor to the ESCP Foundation, Lang-Amiot’s donation will fund the development of ESCP and the deployment of its international strategy. He becomes the first ESCP Alumnus and Donor to make such an important donation.

Francis C. Lang-Amiot

After his studies at ESCP in parallel with a Law degree and public accountability courses, Francis C. Lang-Amiot obtained a PhD in Economics in Germany and an MBA at Harvard Business School. During his career, he worked for prestigious firms in the finance industry, such as Lehman Brothers, Rockefeller Brothers and Hill Samuel.

“The progress of the School is tremendous, both in its international development and its wide range of programmes,” Lang-Amiot said: “Sup de Co Paris was an important stage in my life and I am very grateful for the opportunities it gave me. I wanted to significantly increase my donation to ESCP to support its current needs. I have full confidence in the School and its Dean, Frank Bournois, to make the best use of my donation and allow ESCP to complete this crucial step of its development. I encourage all my fellow alumni to join me!”