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After the success of the inaugural Fundraising Gala in October 2018, the ESCP Foundation hosted its Bicentenary Fundraising Gala Dinner on 7th November 2019.

The event welcomed 100 guests to the Four Seasons Hotel, and was sponsored by 17Capital and Accuracy. In attendance were alumni and major players in the worlds of economy, business and finance, as well as parents of current students. 

With the Bicentenary of ESCP celebrating 200 years of forward-thinking business education, the Fundraising Gala focused its efforts again this year on funding scholarships for tuition fees for outstanding and deserving students. Last year ESCP helped 100 students across all programmes to pursue their education at the School. 

Over €200,000 was raised thanks to the generosity and engagement of the School’s alumni and friends. Half of this amount came from pledges to support to ESCP Scholarship Programme. 

Adrian Biddell hosted the live auction of impressive lots, kindly donated by Pierre Guénant (Class of 72), Erwan Faiveley (Class of 03), Cartier, Claudie Haignere and W. Salamoon & Sons. The silent auction also featured 50 prizes mainly donated by alumni and friends in support of this initiative.

In addition to this outstanding mobilisation of the community, Francis Lang (Class of 54), renewed his strong commitment to and support for ESCP by announcing an impressive donation of €1,000,000 - the School's first Alumni donation of this magnitude and an incredible step forward for ESCP. Christian Mouillon, Prof. Frank Bournois, the Executive Dean of ESCP, and Prof. Simon Mercado, the London Campus Dean, gave special thanks to Mr Lang and to all donors on the night.

Christian Mouillon, ESCP Alumnus and President of the Foundation gave an inspirational opening speech focused on the ESCP community. He spoke of creating a solidarity circle for positive impact on the life of young people, encouraging attendees to mobilise to offer them the chance of a great education and life.

The ESCP Foundation and School together promote social integration, equal opportunities and geographic diversity through allowing students from all backgrounds to attend one of the top European business schools. This was the theme of Simon Mercado’s speech in which the London Campus Dean spoke of the benefits of scholarship support to students. Professor Mercado highlighted the difference and impact that scholarship funding makes on lives and opportunity. He also spoke of a multiplier effect, commenting: 

“When you talk to recipients, you not only appreciate their gratitude but their determination to pay their support back; their sense of pride and citizenship; their determination to carry others with them and to give to others through active participation in student societies and representation. Today’s scholarship holders are already emerging as ESCP champions and ambassadors."

During the evening two ESCP Scholarship Laureates had an opportunity to share their experience and express their gratitude to the School for the opportunity of joining the ranks of its students.

Maya Giada Caroti Cartegni, Bachelor in Management (BSc) student from Italy said:

“ESCP has been one of the miracles we have in our family (...). I can’t say how grateful and touched I feel every day for this scholarship and for having this opportunity to be here, in this school, the only one I choose to believe in (...). This is not only a chance to educate myself, pursue my ambitions and dreams, and create my future: this opportunity is my hope in the world I believe existed; its healing, its having a chance of being one of the living examples that any drama, trauma or challenge can be transformed into a blessing.” 

Julia Fladrich, Bachelor in Management (BSc) student from Germany said:

“So far, my time at ESCP has been adventurous, inspiring and simply amazing. Every day I get the chance to meet new people from all over the world. Never have I had such a unique opportunity. Unfortunately, this year hasn’t always been as great, as I have recently lost my beloved mum and the only family I had to breast cancer (...). I was uncertain if I could still fulfil my dream to be a student at one of Europe’s best business schools. But today I’m here: prouder, stronger and happier than ever to be honoured with the Carl Faker scholarship, allowing me to receive the best education I could have ever imagined receiving. (...) Helping someone financially means much more than just giving money. It’s about making dreams come true, allowing others to grow, and becoming the person one has always wanted to be.”

The Scholarship Students and the entire ESCP community would like to thank their donors and supporters for their presence, dedication and generosity!

You can see photos from the Bicentenary Fundraising Gala Dinner here.