Inclusion & Diversity Reaffirming ESCP's values and commitments in fostering diversity and Inclusion

ESCP embraces diversity and inclusion as its core values and principles that shape its identity. ESCP’s commitment is to stop, address, and combat social discrimination, harassment, and violence on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, gender identity. (LGBTQIA+), ethnicity, race, religion, and disability.

The School upholds its values and honours its commitments by signing several Charters, especially the CGE Charter of Commitment to Inclusion and Respect for Diversity and the LGBT Charter (jointly drafted with the student society ESCaPe).

In 2017, ESCP pioneered the signing of such a Charter as a business school.

As a commitment to inclusion, partner companies must sign the Charter of Inclusion in Enterprises when they provide internships to ESCP students.

Above all, every student is required to sign the Inclusion and Diversity Charter and the Appendix to ESCP’s Internal Regulations: Inclusion and Diversity, and to follow the laws and regulations that apply. They are expected to behave respectfully toward others, and they are forbidden from adopting discriminatory, harassing, and violent behaviour under any circumstances.

With the support of an Inclusion & Diversity team, the entire ESCP community is committed

The Inclusion and Diversity Committee was established by ESCP in 2016 to ensure the effective enactment and oversight of these commitments. The Committee is led by the Associate Dean for Inclusion and Diversity, who works in close collaboration with students, Health Services, Campus Life, and Student Services across campuses, as well as with the Legal Department and the School's Management Board.

Prof. Thomas David, Associate Dean for Inclusion & Diversity and Aurélie Dumond, Inclusion & Diversity Officer are also supported by dedicated local Inclusion & Diversity representatives on each campus.

A dedicated alert platform that is anonymous and confidential is also available to all students.

ESCP has a role to play in educating its whole community for a better inclusive world

Ever since its creation by entrepreneurs in 1819, ESCP Business School has has embraced the values of humanism, multiculturalism and diversity that are deeply rooted in its European identity. Because of this multicultural DNA, ESCP has always supported initiatives to promote diversity, not only among our students, but also in its wider community

Léon Laulusa, ESCP’s dean and executive president Prof. Thomas David
Assistant Professor

ESCP launched the first executive LGBT+ Leadership Programme in Europe in 2019. This joint initiative with UHLALA Group | Empowering LGBT+ People for an intensive 4-day-training in Berlin designed specifically for LGBT+ talents. Throughout the programme, participants improve their authentic leadership style, grow their network and formulate solutions for a more inclusive work environment.

The annual “LGBT Talents” event is organised by ESCP with this same objective in mind, and it is managed by ESCaPE, a student society that originated more than 10 years ago and that facilitates a space for freedom and exchange to anyone who wants to join the conversation and to increase awareness and visibility of the LGBTQIA+ community. A place where members of the community share the issues and problems they experience in the corporate world.

ESCP also fosters inclusive postures among all students, staff, and faculty

For example, during Pride Month, resources were made available to raise awareness about different sexual orientations and gender identities or expressions, and to ensure respect for LGBTQIA+ people in their study and work places, and daily lives. Deepening the understanding of multiculturalism and diversity, as well as taking action towards an open and inclusive environment are key

— Aurélie Dumond

Guidelines and Ressources

Do you Speak LGBT+

Some guidelines

  • What LGBTQIA+ stands for?
  • More definitions about sexualities and genders
  • Use the proper pronouns
Be comfortable with all the definition
Do you Speak LGBT+

Resources to explore LGBTQIA+ issues

"Creating impact as an LGBT+ leader: the importance of visibility", "Companies must advocate for LGBT rights everywhere in the world, not just where it’s easy"... there are a lot of articles tackling LGBTQIA+ issues in our media The Choice.

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