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ESCP is proud to announce the release of the Look’Around 2020, helmed by Professors Aurélien Acquier and Valentina Carbone, the co-Research Directors of the ESCP-Deloitte Chair in Circular Economy.

The Look’Around is a compilation of 12 articles written by ESCP professors and doctoral students over the past 18 months on topics related to the circular economy, an economic system based on eliminating waste and reusing resources. In demonstration of the strong collaboration between academia and industry, each article was complemented by the rich insights and practical experiences of Deloitte consultants.

The articles touch upon different themes within circular economy and take varied approaches in their discussions and analyses. They are organised around three themes. The first two articles lay down the founding principles of the circular economy, while exploring the plurality of associated business models.

A set of targeted case studies follows, focusing on companies and ecosystems that are using the circular economy. Finally, the latest articles question several cross-cutting challenges of the circular transition. What role is there for technologies? What forms of regulation are needed? What role is there for management training institutions and how can we reinvent our educational models in the light of the major ecological challenges? What type of institutional changes would they be likely to accelerate the transition to the circular economy, following the Covid crisis?

Download the Look’Around here. Happy reading!