The course "Imprenditori #Gen-Next: Dai il via alla tua startup di successo"- Entrepreneurs #Gen-Next: Launch your successful startup - has kicked off in Turin, marking the first example in Italy of a partnership between UniCredit and the academic and entrepreneurial world. 

Around 250 young students from the seven partner universities in northwest Italy, from a variety of disciplines, are studying the key aspects of a startup, exchanging ideas and projects. They will learn from successful startup founders how to access funding, exploit patents, register a company and implement marketing strategies, thus taking fundamental steps towards creating and succeeding their own startups.

The initiative was created and organised by UniCredit, with the Club degli Investitori as the main partner, and with the participation of seven north-western universities: University of Turin, Politecnico of Turin, University of Genoa, University of Eastern Piedmont, ESCP Business School, University of Valle d'Aosta and University of Gastronomic Sciences. The initiative is sponsored by UniCredit Allianz Vita, Confindustria Piemonte, the Chambers of Commerce of Turin, Genoa and Piedmont.

In addition to a selection of ESCP students taking part in the programme, the Business School contributes to the course through its Blue Factory incubator.

"ESCP Business School is proud to collaborate with UniCredit and other partners on #Gen-Next to nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs. Through our Blue Factory incubator, we provide young people with the platform and resources they need to turn their ideas into successful entrepreneurial ventures. This partnership underscores our shared commitment to fostering innovation and progress, creating an ecosystem where entrepreneurs, universities, and financial institutions work together to shape the future of business and society," stated Simone Marino, Head of Blue Factory Italy.

"Through this course, we want to invest in young people and their future, enabling them to reach their full potential as future entrepreneurs and active contributors to a changing and innovative society," said Paola Garibotti, Regional Manager Nord-Ovest at UniCredit. "We are also proud to have contributed to creating a social hub here in Turin, where entrepreneurs, universities and banks work side by side to create an ecosystem that focuses on innovation and progress".

Giancarlo Rocchietti, President of the Club degli Investitori, stated: "We often ask ourselves: are entrepreneurs born or made? Entrepreneurial vocations are increasingly spreading from high schools, but to become true entrepreneurs, young 'founders' need to learn how to develop their ideas with a view to their project's sustainability, including economic sustainability. This course is a concrete, unique, innovative response to these needs".

The course is developed in three different moments during the month of March, involving 250 young people, and will take place at UniCredit University.


  • The first day, 13 March, will be dedicated to discussions on finance, innovation and entrepreneurship, with extraordinary speakers such as Pierluigi Paracchi from Genenta, Luca Rossettini from D-Orbit, Chiara Ercole from Saclà and Luisa Sala and Lara Rocchietti from Lalù.
  • On 18 March, Daniele Grassucci and Marco Sbardella from, Paola Allamano from Waterview, Riccardo Bertolino and Manuel Odasso from ri-generation will discuss topics related to the circular economy, focusing on products and needs, how to build a successful team and how to find the first customer.
  • On the final day, 22 March, Mauro Musarra from Algor and Camilla Colucci from Circularity will discuss the future of AI. Six startup incubators and accelerators will also be showcased, and a fundraising pitch simulation will be held with preseed startups and real business angels in attendance.

The collaboration between ESCP Business School, UniCredit and the other #Gen-Next partners exemplifies a concerted effort to empower youth, foster innovation and shape a future where entrepreneurship thrives, marking an important step towards a more dynamic and prosperous society.