The Master in International Food & Beverage Management provides its students with an interesting challenge thanks to the Company Consultancy Project: a research study that deals with a real business problem proposed by leading companies of the F&B sector.

During the CCP, a key element of the course, teams are expected to apply creative approaches to solving complex business challenges. This gives Master in IFBM students the valuable opportunity to work at a professional level with a company in the food and beverage field.

From October to March, eight teams of Master in IFBM students worked on a project initiated by leading F&B brands, operating in different branches of the sector.

The CCP is designed to provide students with a collaborative learning experience and allow them to apply in a real-world situation the concepts and tools studied during the programme.

The CCP required significant commitment and focus from students. For them, it was a wonderfully practical way to improve their understanding of the F&B industry.

All the groups put enthusiasm and a great deal of effort into these projects, working days and sometimes nights, often having to manage stress and anxiety, but they were able to collaborate efficiently with their group to reach their goal. All of them felt part of the company they were involved with.

The participants did a terrific job; they were very proactive and gave the companies new and different points of view. The firms’ tutors and ESCP’s Professors Regina Brix, Isabella Maggioni, Francesca Pucciarelli and Francesco Venuti were delighted with the brilliant outcomes of the consultancy projects, which were every bit as good as those that a consultancy firm would offer.

The teams were:

Caffarel team: Pauline Moins, Simone Redaelli De Zinis, Victoire Toulin, Umberto Vella and Giacomo Vercelli.

Costa Crociere team: Paola De Luca, François Dischamp, Namita Kaur Hanspal, Alessandro Pisu and Benedetto Solari.

Costadoro team: Ines Depotter, Divya Dhirwani, Ted El Haddad, Luc Morin, and Luca Veschetti.

Mammapack team: Hermine Denoël, Jeanne Guenier, Josephine Joosten, Nahush Joshi, Rodolfo Sciolla and Devansh Shah.

Mercato Centrale team: Sebastian Alexander Demel, Liubov Komarova, Federica Mungo, Andrea Scucchia and Elena Waldergan.

Pasta Berruto team: Pietro Cattani, Marc Houllegatte, Sergio Sinopoli, Diane Toulemonde, and Celine Van Eeckhout.

Royal Swinkels Family Brewers team: Eric Belkhiria, Alberto Dotto, Irene Feri, Robert Lukaschek and Alice Rossi.

Vinhood team: Paul-Antoine Danjean, Christophe Maendly, Roberta Poccafassi, Luca Rodari and Tao Ziyu.

Who knows what excitements and challenges await students next year?