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Meet the winners of the Online Scholarship Contest organised by our Turin Campus: Clarissa Zanda, Ludovico Palladino, and Sara Costantin.

For the third year in a row, 20 young and talented incoming and prospective ESCP students got to experience the business school and its teaching methods by participating in the BSc in Management – Online Scholarship Contest. In 2020 the business simulation challenge, organised yearly by the Turin Campus, was held online due to the Covid19 pandemic.

The session was hosted by Professor Fabrizio Zerbini, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies, and Isabella Maggioni, Assistant Professor of Marketing.

The young participants were divided into five groups that worked in teams in virtual rooms on the business case, that was designed to test the students' logical, strategic and decision-making acumen.

The winners of the competition were awarded a scholarship for the next academic year: the first classified, Clarissa Zanda, received a 50% tuition fee scholarship, the second-ranked, Ludovico Palladino, a 30% scholarship and the third-classified, Sara Costantin, received a 20% scholarship.

The winners shared their impressions about the contest and ESCP's hands-on pedagogical approach in this interview:

You are one of the winners of the ESCP BSc in Management - Scholarship Contest. What do you think of this opportunity?

Sara Constantin: It was definitely a unique opportunity that allowed me to experience a day as an ESCP student. I really embraced their practical way of teaching students, by developing each and everyone’s perspective of a business situation.

What part of the contest was the most challenging for you?

Clarissa Zanda: The most challenging part for me was probably presenting the case in only 5 minutes because my team and I came up with a lot of ideas in a great brainstorming session and it wasn’t easy to sum them up in a short time.

What did you learn from this experience?

Ludovico Palladino: I think that the most important thing I learned today is how this school implements a very practical study method, the use of case studies and teamwork have given me a clear vision of the ESCP teaching method.

In your opinion which skills or talents helped you get this scholarship?

Sara: For the first task, I used rational thinking, and analysed all the statistics and given information to find the perfect spot to locate my business. During the second task, being able to communicate efficiently with my team and acknowledge all their ideas definitely placed us at the top.

What did you like most about the contest?

Ludovico: I liked the fact that this contest was quite fast, in just one afternoon I was able to challenge myself and prove to myself that I am ready for a school like this. Thanks again for this opportunity.

What will you tell your friends and family about this experience?

Clarissa: I would strongly advise anyone who is interested in ESCP Business School to take part in an experience like this. It gives you an idea of what the school’s approach is like while having fun at the same time!

Congratulations to the winners on their achievement. This is just the first step towards an outstanding career.