Le Parisien / Challenges Ranking
ESCP’s Bachelor in Management (BSc) ranked 1st in France by French media, Le Parisien and Challenges

In the ranking by Le Parisien, ESCP is ranked first out of 13 criteria, including:

  • International
    3 years/ 3 countries, diversity of nationalities among students and the proportion of double foreign degrees, large proportion of international students
  • Selectivity
    A demanding programme with a majority of students who have obtained their baccalaureate with a "A" or "A" distinction
  • Professional insertion
    Positions of responsibility, particularly abroad (GAFAM), versus further studies (in prestigious universities in France and abroad).

In the ranking by Challenges, schools are measured via six criteria: accreditations, the programme's attractiveness, the proportion of incoming bachelor students with high marks, student support, starting salaries and the school’s annual budget.
ESCP performed exceptionally well across the board.

This result confirms our strategy of combining growth and excellence. The ambition of our students and the impact of the first promotions make us extremely proud.

Professor Léon LaulusaProfessor Léon Laulusa
ESCP’s Dean
and Executive President

The ESCP Bachelor in Management (Bsc) programme

Launched in 2015 in London and extended to all campuses in 2016, the ESCP Bachelor in Management (BSc) programme, the only one of its kind in the world, reaffirms its leading position. In eight years, the ESCP Bachelor in Management has grown from 47 students to 2600 students from 75 countries and is more than ever anchored as a programme of excellence for the best students from around the world.

This first place in France confirms the incredible potential of the ESCP BSc in Management.
This programme has met the expectations of students, with a strong international appeal.

Marion LeparmentierMarion Leparmentier
Director of European Studies of the programme

Bachelor in Management (BSc)
Leading in a Changing World Starts by Choosing a Cross-cultural Journey

Taught on three campuses over three years, the programme recruits top post-baccalaureate profiles in the 1st year or after one year of graduate studies in the 2nd year.

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