Are you a ESCP student, trend spotter and interested in becoming a spokesperson for your generation? If so, apply to become a content curator at the Gen Z Observatory!

As part of an initiative from the Cartier-ESCP-HEC Paris “Turning Points” Research Chair, we are setting up an observatory to study emerging generational and cultural changes. We are looking for ESCP and HEC Paris students to join and form a team of content curators. By joining us, you will become a trend spotter, and opinion seeker. We are currently launching a pilot phase for the second half of the academic year 2020/2021.

Our objective is to better understand and anticipate trends, capture the breadth of diverse points of view on societal issues from across the world.

We are looking for creative Gen Z students who are keen to take part in a new initiative and share thoughts about the world in which they live. Our content curators are students who can reach out to a broad, diverse community of students in their respective universities and beyond. Individuals who are eager to capture opinions, trends, from Delhi to New York, Melbourne to Munich, or Shanghai to Lima.

Apply to join if you are:
Open-minded: the objective is not to share your own opinion, but to capture the wealth of perspectives represented around you;
Connected: we are looking for students linked to a large and diverse network of students from around the world;
Pro-active: you will identify trends you see on your favourite social media and content platforms;
Analytical: you will articulate why the content you select constitute an interesting trend.

Your mission as a content curator in the pilot team will be to:
Challenge yourself every month with a new question on the world you live in;
Collect and curate information using diverse tools, such as interviewing your peers, collecting photos, videos and stories;
Use your creativity to synthesise your findings in diverse visual ways;
Share your findings directly with Cartier members.

Ready to join us? Please send us a 90-second video by Monday March 15:
Introducing yourself and the top 3 reasons why we should select you;
Identifying one question / trend / content you think the Gen Z Observatory should be looking at; For instance: "what are the expectations of my generation in terms of employer"; "what is my generation doing to address sustainability issues”.
Explaining how you would go about answering this question.

Any question and submissions can be sent over email to Ben, co-chair holder: or via WhatsApp (+33660852525).

The Gen Z Observatory will feature students who represent a diverse body of knowledge and experiences, are able to speak multiple languages,  and are familiar with a wide range of social media platforms (from TikTok to Line, Wechat to Kakao, Instagram & Facebook, etc). If that sounds like you, we are looking forward to watching your video!