MSc Big Data and Business Analytics Hackathon 2023
From the 13th to the 17th of March

Criteo, Ekimetrics and Square Management, in partnership with ESCP, challenged the students of the MSc Big Data and Business Analytics for an intensive one-week hackathon!

The ESCP Business School MSc Big Data and Business Analytics 2023 Hackathon took place the whole week of 13 March. 16 groups competed during the whole week on 3 real-world topics proposed by leading companies.

ESCP Business School Students, Hackathon 2023

Three Real-Life Cases

Criteo: Creation of a universal catalogue

Design of algorithm permitting the assignment of products to a category of products.

Application of several approaches, namely transfer and active learning, to take advantage of two types of datasets: big dataset with bulk labelling and small dataset with accurate labelling.

Game theory approach to tradeoff cost of bulk labelling and prediction accuracy.

Ekimetrics: AI for sustainability

Design of a prediction model to measure Carbon emission per sector of activity and its breakdown per scope (1, 2 and 3).

Perform a scenario-based analysis providing best practices and recommendations permitting to reduce the Carbon emissions for a given sector by 2050 horizon.

Square Management: Modeling and measuring biodiversity risk

Perform a literature review on the metrics permitting to measure the biodiversity risk.

Proposition of a data-driven methodology enabling the measurement of one chosen metric in different locations in France.

Data collection and design of a dashboard to visualize the biodiversity risk.

Hackathon 2023, ESCP Businnes School MSc Big Data, First presentation

Winning Teams

Square Management's Case

  • Winners: Elie Douenias, Eliott Hayat, Raphael Levy, Hugo Marrier D Unienville

Criteo's Case

  • Winners: Riccardo Bonzano, Rim Bou Zerdane, Ralph Chemaly, Louis Chevrel, Yvonne Rudiferia
  • Innovation Prize: Asish Agarwal, Juan Rebolledo, Anushka Rohra, Geetanjali Sachdev, Yi Sun

Ekimetrics' Case

  • Winners: Severin Bernklau, Natalia Cabrera, Kim Follonier, Amin Khansa, Jarne Van Tongel
  • Innovation Prize: Xiao Lyu, Angel Urbano Cabrera, Weifei Wang, Yi Wu, Xueping Yin

Jury Members

ESCP Business School

  • Louis-David Benyayer
  • Lynn Farah
  • Yacine Rekik
  • Mostafa Rezaei
  • Wei Zhou


  • Liva Ralaivola
  • Alain Rakotomamonjy
  • Vianney Perchet


  • Joséphine Lecoq-Vallon
  • Maximilien Variot
  • Cerise Xu
  • Owen Xoual
  • Samuel Chaineau

Square Management

  • David Alcaud
  • Clotilde Patarin
  • Asmynour Youssouf