MSc Big Data and Business Analytics Hackathon 2022
From the 14th to 18th of March

Criteo and Square, in partnership with ESCP, challenged the students of the MSc Big Data and Business Analytics for an intensive one week hackathon!

From 14th to 18th of March, students took on four challenges, with topics such as Natural Language Processing, Creation of Advertising Campaigns, Measurement of Carbon Emissions.

After four days taking on the challenges, students pitched in front of a jury composed of companies representatives and ESCP professors.

Four Real-Life Cases

Criteo: Develop new ad formats and campaign for the Olympics

Allow advertisers to have as targeted ads as possible given the only contextual information

Make people engage with the brands and products

Come up with a business model taking into consideration the consumer, marketer, media owner and Criteo

Criteo: Detect fake news

Create a model that detects disinformation and fake news which are becoming a huge risk for advertisers

Aggregate sources of fake news

Come up with a business model for possible final consumers

Criteo: Analyse consumers sentiment towards the brand

Help Criteo’s clients to better understand online users’ behaviour

Build a pipeline to automatically collect, from several

Train a model, or build on an existing one, to evaluate the sentiment associated with a given brand

Square: Measuring GHG (Greenhouse Gas) for SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises)

Support financial institutions in estimating the GHG emitted by SMEs

Identify data sources and conduct data quality analysis for the purpose of evaluating GHG emissions of SMEs

Build a model that measures GHG emissions with explanations on the target variable, feature engineering, model selection and validation metrics

ESCP Business School - MSc in Big Data and Business Analytics - Hackathon 2022: The jury, made up of ESCP professors, Michelin representatives, tech partners and Spinfi members, awarded a prize for each of the three subject areas.

ESCP Business School students during the hackathon


  • Criteo 1st Prize: Arya Bhattacharya, Ming Hin Chung, Resha Dirga, Hanadi Yachoui
  • Criteo 2nd Prize: Vincent Lawson, Marlin Myrte, Abdul Rafay, Loubna Riad
  • Criteo 3rd Prize: Anis Achkar, Tristan Foulard, Armando Geisler, Alexandrine Gubler
  • Best Data Science Project Award: Baptiste Bignaud, Clément Gauvin, Sami Rizkallah, Toufic Ziade
  • Best Business Analytics Award:Yuhao Gao, Yuanxiu Liu, Hao Zhou, Qinruo Hu (University of Southern California)
  • Most Innovative Business Model Award: Haoran Bai, Yuge Chen, Jiahao Chen, Rongqian Gao

Jury Members

ESCP Business School

  • Prof. Wei ZHOU
  • Dr. Louis-David Benyayer
  • Prof. Howard ZHONG


  • Matthieu MARTIN
  • Hocine SLIMANI
  • Elías SELMAN
  • Xinyi DONG
  • Andre CUNHA


  • David ALCAUD
  • Asmynour YOUSSOUF
  • Antoine BOULINGUEZ
ESCP Business School - MSc in Big Data and Business Analytics - Hackathon 2021: Students on Stage
ESCP Business School - MSc in Big Data and Business Analytics - Hackathon 2021: Students at Work

Students Testimonials

The hackathon was a great opportunity for us to turn theories into reality. With guidance from Criteo data and business experts, we did not only venture into a new area (sentiment analysis), but created a prototype that delivers actionable insights to Criteo’s account strategists.

— Ming Hin Chung, Brand Sentiment Analysis with Criteo

The fast approaching Paris Olympic Games are a tremendous opportunity for many French firms. Criteo challenged us to enrich their ad targeting algorithms, and we explored beyond traditional media strategies to recommend creative ad formats.

— Alexandrine Gubler, New Ad Formats and Campaign for the Olympics with Criteo

The hackathon was such a great opportunity to gain experience working with a company and on a real business-case. It was great to also see and use all that we’ve learned throughout the course on a real world problem. On top of that, working in a team with my classmates was enriching. We were able to learn from each other both on business and technical skills!

— Jane Li, Measuring GHG for SMEs with Square