Online Webinar
Navigating the Workplace: LGBTIQ+ Leadership

Wednesday, 4 October 2023 | 12:30 PM (CEST - GMT+2) Register

Join our next lunchtime webinar on 4th October 2023 to discover more about ESCP’s unique LGBT+ Leadership Programme in cooperation with PROUT AT WORK.

Find out why leadership is a unique challenge for LGBTIQ+ talent in the workplace and how the programme offers productive ways that empower individuals to navigate the workspace of heteronormativity. In a world that still views leadership as largely heterosexual male, LGBTIQ+ authenticity and visibility requires a different approach. Programme Director Stephan Schmuck will share more about the programme and its foundation.

As co-founder and board member of PROUT AT WORK, Jean-Luc Vey will share his motivations for promoting LGBT+ leadership in his organization, but also offer his experiences as an instructor during last May’s LGBT+ programme.

The LGBT+ Programme at ESCP offers tools, strategies, a safe space, and a compass for LGBTIQ+ talent who seeks to attain formal leadership roles or who are engaged in activist leadership. Throughout history, queer talent has always assumed roles that inspired others. However, in a workplace that still views leadership as largely heterosexual male, LGBTIQ+ authenticity and visibility in those roles are a different story. Anxiety surrounding discrimination and stigma due to disclosure of an LGBTIQ+ identity can account for this lack of visibility.

Outstanding work of organizations dedicated to making LGBT+ role models visible in work life has been a gamechanger and continues to be. LGBTIQ+ talents and allies alike helped bring their experiences and dedication to the table and directed their efforts at making work life inclusive, equitable and diverse.

What is needed though is a formal call to action that recognises that leadership is diverse beyond the regular agenda.



Organiser: ESCP Berlin Campus

Online - Worldwide



Start date: 04/10/2023

Start time: 12:30 PM

End time: 1:30 PM