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Chair / Junior Professorship forInternational Entrepreneurship

Junior Professor Dr. Matthias Mrożewski, International Entrepreneurship, Berlin campus, ESCPEntrepreneurship can be understood as a process of identifying, evaluating and exploiting entrepreneurial opportunities. Consequently the question how entrepreneurial opportunities arise should be at the heart of entrepreneurship research and teaching.

At the chair of international entrepreneurship we believe that cultural, economic, institutional and political differences among national contexts function as important sources of entrepreneurial opportunities. Hence, the awareness and understanding of the relevance of cross-country differences for opportunity emergence allows individuals to identify entrepreneurial opportunities more effectively and to increase the likelihood to engage in entrepreneurial action.

And we will be even more dependent on Technology and Operations Management in the coming future. We are facing an unstable global business environment and fierce international competitions, and above all, a home running out of its resources to sustain life. New technologies (such as green energy resources, big data analytics, autonomous vehicles, etc.) and novel operational strategies (such as cleaner production, green logistics, reverse supply chain management, etc.) would be the key to our sustainable development.

We therefore see our mission not only in conducting state of the art research on international entrepreneurship but also in inspiring students with the vision inherent in international entrepreneurship, to heighten their awareness of the entrepreneurial chances resulting from their various backgrounds and international experiences. The chair profits from its perfect location at ESCP, a university with internationality in its DNA as well as from the close collaboration with the European Jean-Baptiste Say Institute of Entrepreneurship.

- Junior Professor Dr. Matthias Mrożewski

We offer the following courses:

Bachelor in
Management (BSc)

  • Entrepreneurship-Hop
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Master in

  • Entrepreneurship Essentials within Option E Specialization
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MSC in
Sustainability Entrepreneurship and Innovation

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International Sales Management

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Research approach

At the chair of international entrepreneurship we are researching entrepreneurship and innovation using quantitative as well as experimental methods. By applying both micro and macro perspectives on entrepreneurship we not only analyse entrepreneurial individuals and firms but also focus on the differences in entrepreneurial cultures and innovativeness levels across regions and countries.

Research topics

The chair’s research focus can be divided into three main areas:

1 Entrepreneurial decision-making

Entrepreneurial decision-making is important in every stage of the entrepreneurial process consisting of opportunity identification, evaluation and exploitation stages.

We foremost focus on the first two stages and analyse individual-level (e.g. attitude) as well as external drivers (e.g. market competition) of entrepreneurial decisions taken in the identification as well as evaluation stage.

2 Migration, culture and entrepreneurship

We analyse the role of a migration background and more specifically the cultural distance between a migrant’s home country and his/her host country on the ability to identify entrepreneurial opportunities.

3 Regional and country-level entrepreneurship and innovation

Since the work of Schumpeter, entrepreneurship has been regarded as a concept that is in close relation to innovation. However, recent country level investigations show that technology innovation and new business creation can be regarded as two separate phenomena.

Our research investigates the influence of of entrepreneurship on country-level innovation, and furthermore, pays particular attention to the role of entrepreneurial opportunities available.

Focus on:
Recent publications

Edited Special Issue

VENUTI, F., GROMIS DI TRANA, M. and S. SCAGNELLI (Eds) (2019), Introduction to Financial Accounting: Concepts, Cases and Exercises - II edition, Giappichelli.


DE BERNARDI, P., VENUTI, F. and A. BERTELLO (2019), Online and On-Site Interactions within Alternative Food Networks: Sustainability Impact of Knowledge-Sharing Practices, SUSTAINABILITY, Volume 11, Issue 5.
VENUTI, F., DE BERNARDI, P., ALFIERO, S. and M. CANE (2016), Does Board Gender Diversity Affect Corporate Reputation? Evidence From Italy's Most Reputable Companies, WORLD JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT, 7 (1).


VENUTI, F. (2014), L’economia delle Aziende Produttrici di Acque Confezionate, Giuffre, Milano.

Guest Speaker in a Conference

VENUTI, F., GROMIS, M. and S. ALFIERO (2014), Sistemi Di Rilevazione E Misurazione Delle Performance Aziendali - Casi Ed Esercitazioni, Giappichelli, Torino.

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3 publications

Academic Articles



Exploring the Role of Project Management in Product Development of New Technology-Based Firms


Academic Articles



Entrepreneurship in an Increasingly Digital and Global World. Evaluating the Role of Digital Capabilities on International Entrepreneurial Intention


Academic Articles



Entrepreneurship and country-level innovation: investigating the role of entrepreneurial opportunities


Team and contact

Junior Professor Dr. Matthias Mrożewski, chair owner International Entrepreneurship, Berlin Campus, ESCP

Junior Professor Dr. Matthias Mrożewski

Assistant Professor for Technology and Operations Management