Turin Academic Sponsors

The involvement as an Academic Sponsor allows a company to become an active part of the training dedicated to ESCP students, through testimonials, classroom teaching and business cases created ad hoc in collaboration with our professors.

For any further information, please get in touch with Erica Brignolo, ESCP Turin Campus Head of Corporate Relations & Partnerships:
ebrignolo@escp.eu - + 39 331 773 5773

Academic Sponsor Investment Banking
MIM Specialisation

Academic Sponsor Strategic Consulting for Business Transformation
MIM Specialisation

One of the key pillars of our DNA at EY is for sure to support the growth and development of the leaders of the future, which will concretely support our ambition to build a better working world. […] ESCP, in our opinion, fully embraces and represents our vision about how universities should contribute to students' growth path, providing the right toolkit to succeed and face future working challenges.

For us is an honour to have the opportunity to bring the best of our experience on the field within ESCP rooms with such an innovative course.
Together to build the journey for our future leaders!

Paolo Lobetti Bodoni, Consulting Leader - Italy at EY and Adjunct Professor at the ESCP Business School

Invest in young talents from the ESCP Business School and become an ESCP Academic Sponsor

The specialisations open to Academic Sponsorship on the Turin Campus for the next Academic Year:

Food & Beverage Management

This specialisation is designed for students who are interested in getting a specific understanding and knowledge of the most relevant F&B managerial challenges. It aims at helping them to strengthen and apply their general Management skill in relation to this specific sector, with particular attention to sustainability issues.

Luxury Marketing

This programme is designed for students who would like to undertake a career in this dynamic luxury industry and understand the logic driving the growth of luxury brands across different sectors.

Impact Entrepreneurship

This programme offers the opportunity to get into the mindset of entrepreneurs who want to create an impact. Make an impact by starting businesses that are long-lasting and that have a purpose from a long-term perspective.

Strategic Consulting for Business Transformation

This track is designed to train strategic thinkers and leaders who can respond to some urgent needs of managers and decision-makers: understand fast-changing competitive landscapes, cultivate a future-forward mindset, master techniques for the strategic reorientation of organisations, identify digital-sustainable opportunities and accordingly design a future-proof strategy.

Investment Banking

The Specialisation in Investment Banking of the Master in Management is a concentration on the deliverable skills, knowledge and techniques needed to work in the complex and highly competitive world of international finance.


This track is designed to give our students not only a deep understanding of the current finance profession but also of the key trends in finance that will reshape it in the years to come.