On monday 31 august 2020, the escp madrid campus officially opened its doors to students in compliance with the madrid community health and education authorities COVID-19 legislation and developed an extensive escp madrid campus COVID-19 protocol in order to guarantee the safety and health of students, staff and professors and a COVID-secure environment.

The Madrid campus made a huge effort to welcome the 2020 A.Y. students with open arms and tried to make them feel as welcome and safe as possible. New signage was installed through to campus that reflects al measures to be taking while on campus.

The Induction days for our Bachelor´s, MiM and Option E students where great and we are sure that behind all those masks there were smiles and faces that reflected happiness.

Even though we have to follow all Covid-19 rules and measures strictly, that doesn´t mean that this year is not going to be an incredible year. We are sure we are going to be able to continue smiling, having fun and sharing incredible moments and experiences throughout the year while keeping safe and all our students are going to get the most out of their ESCP Experience and love and live Madrid to the fullest.

Let´s work together to beat the cornavirus!

Here some pictures of the Induction days… Welcome to Madrid!

Check out all the pictures for the Induction Days here.