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Since the ESCP Business School’s annual Full Faculty Meeting was postponed and then cancelled due to the Covid-19 epidemic, a video conference get-together took place on 3 June during which some faculty members were rewarded for their outstanding work.

Faculty Dean Valérie Moatti first shared feedback from the task force on digital teaching stemming from both a students survey and a faculty survey, with the overall perception of a very good pedagogical continuity since the start of the lockdown.

Associate Dean for Research and Chairs Pramuan Bunkanwanicha then talked about the first series of impact papers on “Managing a Post-Covid19 Era” – 67 unique papers! – which the school’s faculty found the time and the energy to produce in spite of the switch to online teaching.

The outstanding work of some of its members was then rewarded by their peers:
-          The 2019 Faculty Teaching award went to Paris campus Professor Lei Zhao. “I’m truly honoured and delighted. Receiving it online makes it very special,” he commented.
-          The 2019 Faculty Research award went to Berlin campus Professor Kerstin Alfes. “Over the past years, I managed to publish because I always worked with super co-authors. It’s super to see Argyro [Avgoustakis] on the list [of nominees] because we started working together,” she said. “I hope I can continue with fellow faculty members.”
-          The 2019 Faculty Innovation award went to the inter-campus marketing team made up of Professors Lorena Blasco, Meg Lee, Isabella Maggioni, Nathalie Prime & Robert Wilken, for reshuffling the Master in Management’s core marketing course towards data analytics and data-driven marketing in a collaborative and truly European way. “I am very very happy, not only because what we have designed was a way to address the most innovative content of marketing today, but also in terms of the developing process: we relied on a process that is unique in the school that we started a few years ago, which is about co-designing, co-developing and co-managing this course,” explained Nathalie Prime. “This model should be supported in the future because as Nathalie said it is highly beneficial not only to us but also to the students and this is how we can live our positioning, how we can benefit from values that we always use in our communication,” added Robert Wilken.
-          A new, Digital Teaching prize based on the students’ choice was awarded to Isabella Maggioni and Lynn Farah (tied with 22 votes). “I’m very excited about this, it’s small thing but really rewarding after all the efforts we’ve made over the past few months and it’s nice to see that this happens spontaneously on the student side,” commented Lynn Farah. “A very big thank you to the digital team, Geoffroy [Warme-Janville] did an amazing job, he was very helpful to me and everyone one else, and many of the colleagues shared their experiences on the best practices.”

“I just wanted to congratulate everyone, all nominees and award winners. We need so much of all that you’ve produced in the future”, said Dean Frank Bournois.